ZSS Skincare Method 2 RESULTS

If you’re been following me on Instagram, you might have known I’ve been trying new supplements and vitamins this year. It wasn’t something I set out to do. I would even say I fell into it. Regardless, I ran with it and I never looked back! I’ve tried biotin, multi-vitamins, probiotics and even color cleanses (don’t worry, this post is NOT headed that direction) and there are two things I really fell in love with on my journey. Z Skincare Systems Mothod No. 2 has become a fast favorite of mine for skin care.


I started Z Skin Systems about 10 weeks ago. I had a 60 day supply. SO, in case you were wondering what might happen if you’re like the average person and taking pills everyday is hard for you to remember, the answer is nothing. Nothing happened. Of the 60 days, I skipped about 15 of them so it took me 10 weeks to finish my two boxes. My skin didn’t suffer any negative side effects from being a forgetful person.

I spoke with a consultant, did a little quiz and we agreed that Method 2 would be best for me. There are two different options of this Z Skin Solutions line. Method No. 1 is for radiant skin. While I would say that I am not acne prone and do wish my skin had more luster to it, Method No. 2 which is for clear skin was a better match for me because of the redness in my skin and my oily complexion.


So Z Skin Systems (no matter what method you choose) is a two part system. It features both a packet of supplements you take everyday along with a powerful serum applied to the face and neck after washing.  Aside from remembering to take the packet of pills, there was no other change to my routine. I stopped using my Clarisonic in the summer time hoping to reduce oils and so I washed my face with just my fingers.

The idea of taking pills for skin care might seem extreme to some, but I love the idea of tackling your skin from within. You often hear that things like junk food and chocolate can cause acne. Whether or not that is a myth, I’m not the one to ask, but I do believe things like extra salt and oily foods have an impact on my skin personally. On the site, ZSS explains the approach perfectly:

“Traditional topical products such as serums, masks and creams do not penetrate far enough into the skin to promote healthy skin inside and out. To age well, the body needs certain nutrients which the body stops producing over time. At ZSS, we’ve developed a range of Methods that provide nutrition-focused skin care to help address the skin care needs of the entire body as opposed to just specific parts.

FROM THE INSIDE, ZSS introduce scientifically-formulated nutrition-rich supplements that address skin nutrition at the root causes of skin aging.

FROM THE OUTSIDE, ZSS introduce the topical Nutri-Serum, which promotes the health of the skin actively exposed to the environment.

TOGETHER – Implementing both the use of dietary supplements and topical Nutri-Serum, ZSS helps create healthy skin. The benefits of internal skin nutrition are cumulative, so that over time, skin is nourished, healthy, and radiant – from the inside out.”



There are three powerful ingredients in the Method No. 2 that are proven to help with skin health:

Zeaxanthin- A carotenoid with strong antioxidant properties that can help support health skin in all conditions including UV exposure. This ingredient also promotes the evening of skin tone as it is readily absorbed in skin, resulting in healthy, radiant skin.

Probiotics- Microflora to balance and promote gastrointestinal health and increase immune response within the skin.

Marine Lipids- Fish oil Omega-3’s eicosapentaenoic and docosahexaenoic acids (EPA, DHA) are helpful in blocking the agents that cause skin redness and irritation.

I’ll be honest, there is science here that might be a little above my pay grade! It all sounds wonderful, but with most skin care products, I come in with a healthy level of skepicism.  I decided to dive in head first and here is what I experienced:

My first impression of the products were generally good, the pills would be easy to take and the serum, easy to use.
The pills themselves are super easy to take. No rough edges or anything to get caught in my throat. None of the 4 in my pack were “horse pills” as I would call oversized supplements and lucky for my, I can take them all at once!
The serum is refreshing, a little sticky, smells super neutral and absorbs into my skin quickly.

By just a week in, I noticed my skin was softer and my makeup applied more smoothly. Overall, my skin felt more supple, more bouncy and just overall felt more healthy. I mentioned before I’m not prone to acne, but I noticed a huge drop in oil production around the 1 week mark.

By the end of my first month, I felt a lot more confident without any makeup on. My biggest skin issue has always been my skins redness without makeup on. I’ve tried a lot of things for this and nothing has works. ZSS significantly cut the redness in my skin and it’s stayed that way!

Overall, not only did I see fast, long lasting results, but I saw changing in my skin I’ve been trying to achieve for years. The skin under and around my eyes is also brighter and more hydrating looking. Redness and an oily complexion are two things I really believe should be tackled from within and ZSS gave me the perfect products to do it!

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