Zoku Iced Coffee Maker #GiftGuide

I might be a little inspired to tell you guys about this beauty because I’m enjoying it right this moment, but either way, this is one for the books! Everyone loves a good cup of coffee, but the appeal of coffee places like Starbucks is hard to resist with their menu full of frozen, fancy treats. Not everyone I know can afford a $5 iced coffee every morning and making them at home often turns into a watered down mess (I speak from personal experience). So, I was excited when Zoku, our favorite frozen treat maker brand, ventured into the realm of coffee.


If you’ve seen our review on the Zoku Quick Pop Maker, you know just have easy and fool proof Zoku products are. It’s almost their claim to fame and with good reason. My children can literally use their products with very little supervision from me. While I won’t be introducing the boys to coffee anytime soon, the same ease of use applies to the NEW Iced Coffee Maker.


The Iced Coffee Maker comes in 4 colors: Blue, Navy, Purple and the ever festive Red. They retail for $29.99 and can make as many iced coffees as your little heart desires. There are 4 parts to the cup, the red outer shell (or color of your choice), the inner core (this is where all the magic happens), the lid and the long plastic straw.


There are also just 4 super easy steps!
Step 1: Place the “core” into the freezer for 8+ hours. As a general rule, I just place it back inside my freezer when I’m done with my drink and it’s ready to go whenever I need coffee again.
Step 2: Take the “core” from the freezer and place it back into the outer shell. The shell keeps the entire cup room temperature so not only are you enjoying an iced coffee, but your hands don’t even have to know. AND no condensation on my furniture!
Step 3: Add in your piping hot coffee and whatever you like to add into your coffee. There is no need to mix it in a separate cup nor cool off the coffee. Just go all in! You can use the straw to stir if you want!
Step 4: Throw on the lid and wait 7-8 minutes. Walk away.

I suppose Step 5 would be, Enjoy!
The coffee was an amazing chilly treat and because I added no ice, there is no rush to finish my drink before it become a watery coffee disaster and it stays cold for a long time, just in case you’re a slow drinker.

You can find a lot of Zoku products at Bed, Bath & Beyond or online. Be sure and check them out on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

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