Winter Hair Care

With the colder weather settling in (yes, I live in Texas, so this is JUST now happening!), I’ve trying to do my best to keep my hair healthy and moisturized against the cold dry air. I color my hair but in the winter months, the chemicals in my dye I use nearly every 6 weeks can really dry out my hair so I try to limit my colorings.


When my hair color could use a little more life OR I’m looking to change up the color a little, I head to Sally’s Beauty Supply and grab a Roux Color Refresh Mask. All you do is put this mask on your hair and leave it on for 3 minutes. In those 3 minutes, this amazing mask does three things: Refreshes your color, adds wonderful shine and offers intense conditioning (without even the slightest bit of oilyness- which I hate!)


 My go-to color recently has been Deep Chestnut. It adds a warmth to my hair without too much of a change from my natural hair color. After I use these, my hair is soft, silky and easy to manage for at least a week. The color will last 3-5 shampoos so if you’re good to your hair and you skip a day (if you don’t, consider investing in a good dry shampoo ladies & jump on this train! Your hair will thank you!) then the color can last you up to 10 days! With a $5 price tag, I really can’t beat that!

DSCN7336I have a lot of fun with the red shades available as well. Like Fire Red & Copper. These add an amazing red hue to my hair even though my hair is fairly dark, I can really tell a difference!

DSCN7337Two new colors for me at Brown and Burgundy. I cannot wait to try Burgundy! I’ve been considering dying my hair a Burgundy shade for a while now and I love the idea of being able to “try it on” for a while and not damage my hair. My hair will actually be softer and healthier than BEFORE I “dyed” it! I’m also interested to see the difference between the brown and the Deep Chestnut 🙂

Overall, I really love these masks and they’ve become an amazing part of my beauty routine. I’ll be adding some Fire Red to my hair for a little bit of “spice” this Valentine’s Day!

Have you tried one of the 8 Roux Color Refresh Masks yet?!

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