Wildfox Couture Fragrance #GiftGuide

It’s been a while since I really changed it up with my perfume. I wear a lot of different scents, but loved to change it up every season. My perfume collection is one of my favorite things I own and I always have a scent or two (or three) on my Christmas wish list. This year, I’m trying something really new and so far, loving it.


Wildfox is a vintage-inspired women’s knitwear brand based in Los Angeles. The label was co-created by two best friends who were inspired by a love for vintage tee shirts and the magic of everlasting friendship.

Known for its iconic campaigns, dreamlike quality, and clothes that tell a story, Wildfox has grown to include a full range of tops, bottoms, dresses, and skirts, while the White Label collection offers a range of luxuriously soft sweater knits, laces, chiffons, velour, and sequins. Wildfox Kids, the “little sister” adaptation of the women’s line, launched in 2009. Today, Wildfox continues to develop its lifestyle brand with a wide range of Intimates, Swim, Sun, Denim and Accessories.

This visually stunning line reminds me of a little bit of Juicy, a splash of Betsey but a vibe all their own and completely LA. The soft, feminine appeal of their pieces mixed with the pop art-esque stylings are incredibly modern and just stunning to look at. I really feel like these women have a vision and I can’t look away. Having fallen hard for their designs, I had high hopes for their debut fragrance, especially considering they partnered with Elizabeth Arden.

Wildfox Fragrance is described as: A sweet scent for dreamers, lovers, skinny dippers, barefoot explorers & late night chocolate eaters. For those who believe in love and themselves. A magical bouquet of dewy white florals with absinthe and incense, warm honey and musk.

The scent goes on fairly floral (think dewy honeysuckle and jasmine) and dries down to a musky, honey sweet finish. The scent is so soft, but never seems to disappear. You can only get this scent in an EDP (EDP vs EDT can confuse some, but just know that you’re getting more bang for your buck and a longer lasting scent with an EDP) and the quality really shines through in the longevity of the scent.


I adore the scent and it’s especially magical for a dreamy night out, but the bottle is also a work of art. The art deco design is a  fun mashup of soft pink and gold accents on a cut glass design. This is certainly a bottle to put on display.

The full lineup for this fragrance features a 3.4oz bottle (at $90), the 1.7oz bottle shown (at $70), a rollerball (at just $22) as well as two body products, a bubble bath/body wash combo and a body creme. ($36 and $55 respectively.)

You can find Wildfox at Nordstrom and Nordstrom.com plus the Wildfox Website.
Connect with the brand on Facebook, Twitter or their adorable Instagram.

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