Whish Shave Cream + GWP

I wanted to get this blog post out STAT for two reasons. One, I really excited about this product and the fact that it just hit Ulta stores! It’s a huge deal when a brand finally gets shelf space in a brick and mortar store, let alone space at my beloved Ulta! And two, there is a KILLER deal and GWP going on at Ulta and today is the first day so if you’re interested in snagging the deal, get on it!!

I first heard of Whish last July when I received a .75oz sample of their shave cream in my Birchbox. To quote myself, “The first thing I pulled out of my box was the Whish Shave Cream in Acai Grapefruit. I understand the benefits of a good shaving cream but I’ve just yet to find one that truly wows me. That being said I’m thrilled to be able to try this one! Maybe I’ll fall in love. This is a perfect example of why I subscribe to boxes like this, something I never think to shop for, but really need!” As you can tell, I had yet to try the shave cream but the foreshadowing is pretty heavy. I did fall in love but I hated paying shipping for a product that was already priced for luxury! Now, I can just pop into my local Ulta for their full range! (THAT is my kind of luxury!)


So right now, you can walk into Ulta and get all of this for $16 (plus the sales tax in your area). This 4 piece, deluxe sample GWP is yours with any $20 purchase. Their amazing shave cream is $20 BUT you can use the 20% off coupon and get it for only $16!

I have to highly recommend this shaving cream for a lot of reasons. Mostly because I’ve never once cut myself using it. I wouldn’t say I cut my self shaving often but with two littles who know nothing about privacy, I can’t remember the last time I took an uninterrupted shower. A 4-year-old throwing the shower curtain open because his brother spilled his cereal can make anyone jump. Also, this shaving cream is super hydrating!

Another reason I really love that these are now in stores at Ulta is you get to SMELL them! I can generally guess which fragrances I would like and which would be iffy but not always. I have no clue what “Blue Agave” would smell like….is it Hawaiian? Like…what does Agave smell like? Sugar? Is it sweet? Why is it Blue? WHAT IN THE WORLD DOES BLUE SMELL LIKE?! Well, now I know. It’s kinda musky. I like it. I went with Pomegranate this go around but I’m already planning my next Coconut scented purchase.


Whish Shave Cream might seem a little expensive to some, but I assure you, it’s worth the money. Not to mention, the packaging is anything but cheap! It comes with a heavy-duty pump and super thick, sturdy packaging. Also, I think it looks really cute in my shower!


On to the juicy part- what you get for FREE. This 4-piece set has some excellent size “minis”. Here’s what’s inside:
-2.5ox Body Butter in Lavender (online, Ulta says you will receive 1 of 3 available scents, but my Ulta just has the one scent in at this time!) This is 1/2 the full size product and worth $12!
-.75oz Self Tanner in Coconut Milk. This smells awesome and I’m VERY interested to see if this works. It is a white cream and is described as a body butter with self tanner and natural firming ingredients. Worth $4.50
– 4x Deodorant Swipes with hair inhibitor. This product sounds awesome! Worth $2.67
-.2oz Post wax & shave serum. Not sure if this is something I need, but I plan to try it and see. Worth $4.09

All of the Whish products are between $18 and $38 so I do think of them as a special treat. It’s even more of a special treat to get a great deal on them and I LOVE the idea of being able to try all these amazing products.

I hope if you’re interested in this GWP, you’re able to stop by your local Ulta soon and see if they have it in stock! If you get one, leave a comment! I’d love to hear what you thought and what scent of Body Butter you got your hands on!! Happy Shopping!

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