We LOVE Zoku!

My boys are always down to help Mommy with a little bit of product testing. Kids are honest and I can always count of them to tell it likes it is. Needless to say when I heard about a product that makes frozen treats, we were interested, when they told me Zoku could freeze our treats in a mere 7-9 minutes, my mind was blown!


Our Zoku arrived just at the start of what is sure to be a HOT Texas Spring & Summer and we tore into this beauty like a kit at Christmas. While the entire process is quick and easy, there is one step of prep to get ready for the fun- place your Zoku base in your freezer for a minmum of 24 hours. With the Zoku Quick Pop Maker there is no electricity and no mechanical moving parts. This makes is essentially dummy proof and so easy to use!


Aside from the base itself, the our Zoku Quick Pop Makes came with 4 sticks (with built in handles). There are made extra fun by the prints on them! My boys love getting to the middle to see which they got, but I know this texture also keeps the frozen goodness attached the the stick and makes removal easier but insuring you won’t just pull out the stick and leave the treat behind! They made this product when more kid friendly be including drip guards for each stick! The goofy looking green thing is called a “Super Tool” and it effortlessly removes pops from the mold! With just a bit of turning, you’ll need virtually no elbow grease!

Once the base is frozen solid (this took about 36 hours in my freezer), the next step is deciding your flavors. You can use nearly anything to make your pops. Juice, fruit, chocolate, yogurt, the list goes on & on. The only things to avoid would be water and sugar free items. Sugar helps the pop release from the frozen base.

We pureed some raspberries, strawberries and blueberries for this batch. I opted to strain out the seeds and lumps for a smoother texture but there are nearly NO rules for your pops! I also tried a yogurt and Nutella mix that was delicious. So, once you’ve got your mixture, you’ll want to place a stick in place and then pour your mix it. There is a visible fill line, try not to go beyond this or your pops will be a touch harder to remove and possibly messy.

The base can make 3 batches before it needs to be refrozen so we played around with a few flavors. You can even add in pieces for fruit or do half one flavor and half another.

10985429_10203388289137589_6408128472925886255_nSo, overall, how did this turn out? AMAZING. We’re pretty much obsessed with our new Zoku Quick Pop Maker and our of any kitchen gadgets I’ve reviewed here on this lovely blog, I’d recommend this one the most for my mommy friends. This product works great, is a fun alternative to sugary pop and the kids love it!





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