Wantable Jewelry Collection Pt. 1

I put off posting this review because there were a few things I received that weren’t “my style” and because this version of Wantable was just released, it was the only collection available at the time. Now that they’ve made a few changes and have MANY more options, I wanted to show you all some of the beautiful pieces I got and tell you how they’ve changed (and of course improved) this exciting new extension of their subscription line up!


For my box, I signed up through Facebook, so my profile picture at the time ended up on my invoice 🙂 I asked to get earrings and not a necklace. I made this decision partially because there was a sneak peak that all boxes would include an extra long string of pearls. For my next box, the questions were a little different 🙂

DSCN6512Buried in the beautiful crinkle packaging in my box was this string of knotted faux pearls. These are amazing! Certainly one of my favorite pieces in the box. They have a great weight to them and are long enough for multiple strands and you can wear these any way you’d like. I think these are actually 40″ long.

DSCN6513Everything else can wrapped up (in tissue paper as well) inside this velvet bag. I thought that was a great touch and certainly added to the experience. When I purchased this box, I was able to gift two to friends. I was happy to see that they would also be able to open this just like it was a super special gift- from me of course 😉

DSCN6518The first things I unwrapped were these beautiful pieces.


Of everything I received, these were the most “cheap feeling”. Mostly because these are one sided and the backside is hollowed out. They are fairly large (nearly 2″ long) so I’m thankful that they do not carry the same weight that other earrings of this size might, but I couldn’t get past that cheap feeling. I have yet to wear these, but I’m not giving up on them just yet! Black and gold goes with A LOT of outfits in my closet.

DSCN6521Next was this amazing chain bracelet. This is also a favorite of mine from the box. This bracelet is heavy, well made and let’s face it- adorable.The chains are hung in such a way that they drape a little bit when you’ve got it on. Their is also an extra 2″ extender so it will fit all sizes of wrists. Our of all the pieces I received, this is the most sturdy.


Next I opened another pack to reveal this brooch and ring.

DSCN6524This ring (which was a stretch ring) was beautiful, just not my cup of tea. That said, I’ve already found a happy home for it 🙂 Because they didn’t ask ring sizes, it was very smart to include a stretchy ring so that it was useable by all. This ring was very well made and pretty, I just don’t love stretch rings.

DSCN6528I also received this beautiful brooch. I have yet to wear this piece either but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s fabulous! I’m still brainstorming on how I’ll git this into my wardrobe because I adore this piece!

DSCN6531We also received a 2″x3′ long piece of velvet ribbon. One of the ideas was to pin your brooch to the ribbon for a necklace. The problem was I received a very large brooch so I couldn’t do that. Plus, I’m not sure I like chokers or not. I’ve held onto this velvet but I’m not sure for what yet.

There were certainly a few pieces I loved in my box, but also a few that left me feeling a little “meh.” I was excited though when a few days ago I got an email that the new jewelry collection was available! I was offered one when it was released so I got in touch with their amazing media coordinator again and was able to try out their much improved quiz for my next box.

So, what’s different? First of all, I was asked what “tone” jewelry I would prefer. While I like gold, I certainly have a preference for silver! You can choose to receive both, but I went for all silver since I got this box that was all gold! I was able to let them know my ring size. I hope that means I won’t get any more stretch rings, but I’m not 100% sure. Either way, the more they know about me, the better they can customize my box! I was also able to tell them what types of jewelry I wanted and which I didn’t. I love all jewelry but I opted out of getting bracelets. Having looked at a few sneak peaks now, I wish I hadn’t! The bracelets look AMAZING! But I don’t expect this to be my last Wantable jewelry box 🙂

Overall, I’m really excited to be trying out this new box. I was blown away by Wantable’s makeup box and really excited when I read about this new Jewelry box and while I think they did the necessary improving since last month, I have still been pretty happy with each box 🙂

Have you tried Wantable.co yet?

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  1. Nicole says:

    Love companies that are willing to improve to make customers happy! I loved the Wantable makeup box so I’m happy to hear they are workign har dot make this just as fabulous! PS the pearls are gorgeous!

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