Wantable Intimates Box Giveaway

I’ve been a HUGE fan of Wantable since I received my first box in December of 2012. Wantable was really new then, but they’ve been putting out amazing boxes since day one. The big change? They’ve been offering even more exciting varieties of their boxes and working with more and more incredible brands. They really take the time to listen to their customers and are ever improving! I say, if you’ve been thinking about a little splurge in your life, a $36 Wantable box is the way to do it, the only REAL question is…which one?

Their most recent addition to the Wantable family is the Wantable Intimates box. I have to confess, I absolutely TORE into my box, so I didn’t take a million pictures like I normally do. This box was just THAT good. While the word intimates might make you think of bras and lacy things, Wantable offers a wide range of lounge wear and undergarments. From socks and leggings to sleep shirts and women’s sleeping boxers; mixed in with the usual suspects of course! Like all past Wantable boxes, this one has a small price tag of only $36 and you receive between 4-5 items.

UntitledI received a total of 4 items ALL of which I loved. I’m not a petite lady by any means and sometimes I worry about getting clothing online and it not fitting properly. I’m also pretty busty. Wantable not only asked me the standard sizing questions like pant size, but they also asked for measurements down to the centimeter. I credit this to why everything in my box fit beautifully! To get my style preferences, I was also asked what types, colors and cuts of things I liked. As usually, Wantable left no stone unturned when getting to know what I was looking for. Of all the “customizable” subscriptions I’ve ever received, Wantable is ALWAYS the most thorough and “on point” 😉

betsey-johnson-red-cotton-stretch-graphic-sleepshirt-product-1-10767995-319464133_large_flexThe first thing I pulled out of my box was this Betsey Johnson Pink Cadillac Sleep Shirt. I happen to big a fan of Betsey Johnson, she’s my favorite designer. A lot of times though, her clothing runs just slightly small on me. So, as excited as I was about this, it worried me. Turned out the worry was for nothing 😛 It fits perfects, was super comfortable. This sleep shirt alone, retails for $52. That’s more than I paid for the whole box!

I also received a pair of beautiful black panties. They’re shown in the first photo with this shirt. They have a heart charm on the front- perfect for Valentine’s Day and are absolutely covered in lace. I don’t recall the brand of these, but they would easily sell for $12 or more. They’re amazing quality and they’ve been my go-to little black panty lately. These are by Q-T Intimates and sell for $10. I peaked at the site and I think I’ll be ordering from them very soon! They have some ADORABLE stuff! Check them out HERE.

DSCN0249I also received this beautiful undershirt. The color is a little off in this photo, it’s a touch more turquoise, but beautiful either way! The lace detail also runs along the bottom of the shirt. This fit perfect too and it is long which I always looks for in a tank to wear under outfits!  This is by PACT and retails for $26

Lastly, I received a pair of black, foot-less leggings. These are not normal leggings, they are made just for Wantable and they’re fleece lined. If you’re a follower of mine on Twitter or Instagram, you’ve been them several times over the last week. I wear them a little too much! If there is such a thing! They are SO warm and comfortable! I’ve already sent an email to Wantable telling them they MUST sell these separately!  I would easily pay $15 or so for them. They’re a must have!

Overall this box was out of this world! I’ve gotten so much use our of these 4 items and the value was HUGE! I’m so excited because one lucky reader will win their very own customer Wantable Intimated box! Enter below to win!!

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  1. Tiffany Ann Frye says:

    Matching sets! I love going to bed looking cute! This box looks pretty amazing if I do say so my self! What a great review!!

  2. Beth W says:

    You had me at fleece-lined leggings. 🙂
    I actually hate shopping for intimates….I used to love it, but I can’t find the selection I used to be able to, and certain things (bras) are so expensive it feels like I’m giving up fun money for a few months just to give my gals a little support. :/

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