Vonage Mobile, Talk, Text and Video Chat for FREE. Plus, a Giveaway!


You’ve likely heard of Vonage before, but did you know that they have an app called Vonage Mobile that allows you to make phone calls, text and even video chat for free? That’s right! I had the chance to check out the app for myself and while I was fairly skeptical at first, I admit, it’s a wonderful app!

All I did was get on my cell phone and search the app store for “Vonage Mobile”. The app is currently available for both Apply and Android. (As you can see from the screen shots, I first attempted this on my iPod touch. I soon learned that this app would only work properly with a phone with an active plan on it. Otherwise, you cannot properly invite your friends to join in on the free perks!*) After I downloaded the app, I sent a text with a link (sent easily through the app itself) to my husband to sign up as well. For each person you refer, you receive $1 in credits. Calling, texting and photo chat is free within the US but you can use these credits for your long distance calls! Since you can refer up to 10 friends this way and earn $10, it’s certainly possible to make your long distance calls free as well! You can also add minutes through the Android market, Google Play and Apple Store!


I’ve tried a few other “free call” apps and been disappointed with the sound quality. My interest was piqued when I read through several of the reviews on this app (which average almost a full 5 stars, by the way!). People said this was the clearest calling app they had ever tried! I wasn’t sold until I tried it for myself! It’s true, it’s as clear as talking on my cell phone would be without the app and it’s free! The video chat was honestly my favorite feature! You’ll need to have a cell phone with a forward facing camera, but it’s easy to use and fairly clear (depending on the quality of your phone camera). I definitely see myself using this app for video chatting and whenever my minutes might be getting low on my cell phone plan! As a free app, you can use either your data plan on your phone (which is great if you have unlimited data but not a ton of talk time) OR you just need to be connected to wi-fi for true FREE access!

Overall, I highly recommend this app for someone looking to cut their bill or just have a fun new way to connect with friends and family. It runs smooth and really gets the job done! The app is FREE to download so head over to the Android Market, Google Play or the  Apple Store and get it today! After that, be sure and enter the giveaway to with a $50 Apple iTunes OR Google Play Gift card!

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“Vonage provided product for this review and giveaway. My review is an honest opinion based on my own experience and has not been reviewed or edited by Vonage.”



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