Valentine’s Dessert with Ben & Jerry’s! WIN IT!

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VtFinestIceCreamLogoI have to say, I’ve got a little bit of sweet tooth. No one understands my sweet tooth like Ben & Jerry. Ben & Jerry’s ice cream has become the heart and soul of ice cream. Not only because of its sweet beginnings but because Ben & Jerry have taken a stand to go above and beyond the sweet, frozen confection.

So, why do they call Ben & Jerry’s Vermont’s Finest? They should call it the world’s finest. Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is made without GMO’s (genetically Modified Organisms, you know, the lab junk they’re always pumping into our foods. Especially dairy.). Plus they do as much as they can to purchase from happy cows; cows allowed to roam freely on local farms to help the local economy. This is  just a small part of their pledge to be fair trade.

DSCN0369I’m already SUCH a fan of Ben and Jerry’s that I didn’t think I could love them anymore. Then I watched a documentary on the men who started it all. The story is amazing and if you ever get a chance to check it out, I highly recommend it. For our Valentine’s Day event, the company send a GREAT swag bag and some coupons to try out some “sharable” (and I use this term VERY loosely!) pints 🙂

First up was this adorable freezer bag. It keeps your Ben & Jerry’s frozen while you shop for all your other delicious free trade goodies. The inside is a silver insulated material and on the outside, there are adorable pictures of happy cows.


I’ve always thought the people behind Ben & Jerry’s were crafty. I’ve tried some flavors that sounded odd but tasted AMAZING and this next product just goes to show how truly crafty they are! This is a pint Cozy.

DSCN0373It’s exactly what you’re thinking. A cozy to keep your hands from getting chilly while you enjoy that deliciously cold slab of awesome. I have to say, ice cream in the winter time is highly under rated.

DSCN0374Of course, they make a few classic items too!

DSCN0377Like this metal ice cream scoop. Complete with the Ben & Jerry’s logo. You see these in the Ben & Jerry’s parlors (if you’re lucky enough to live one.).  You run this under hot water and it will slice through even the hardest block of ice cream like butter!

There are 11 Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops  in the state of Texas where I reside. You can use their Shop Locator to find one near you. I highly recommend you do because VERY SOON they’ll be announcing their Global Free Cone Day and you can get a scoop of delicious on the house.

DSCN0378Lastly, let’s talk about the Euphori-Lock. This handy, two piece contraption locks the lid of your pint in place to keep out all unwanted spoons.

DSCN0380It has a small combination that you’ll need to remember in  order to dive back in. Our of all the Ben & Jerry’s items I got the opportunity to try, this one is the real conversation started. I giggle every time someone asks me what in the world I need to lock my ice cream. I have my reasons!

DSCN0382 We also got 5 coupons for FREE Ben & Jerry’s, that way we can find the BEST flavor for our Valentine’s Day dessert.

ChocolateFudgeBrownieHR10.9MIt’s a no brainer that CHOCOLATE is on the menu. A favorite of mine is the Chocolate Fudge Brownie. It’s rich, it’s chocolate and it has fudgie brownies running all throughout.  My husband is a big fan of Cherry Garcia. Truth is, there are over 50 options in the Ben & Jerry’s family. From ice cream to Greek Frozen yogurt and all the flavors in between, there is something for everyone!

For your very own Valentine’s Day Dessert featuring these goodies by Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, enter below to win!

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  1. Beth W says:

    That lock is cracking me up!! 😀
    I used to eat a lot of B&J when I was in college…..a LOT. Cherry Garcia was the go-to then, but I’m really curious to try their frozen yogurt flavors. Right now, the go-to is Chocolate Caramel Buzz!

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