Valentine’s Day Pedi with Dip into Pretty

If you’re reading this, you might know that I had a serious love for nail polish. You probably see a lot of my nail selfies (nailfies?) on Instagram and other social media and while I don’t post pictures of my feet because, well, they’re feet- I love painting my toes, too! There are obvious difficulties in painting piggies that never come up with giving yourself a mani! Dip into Pretty has one device to make your pedicure perfect! For more Valentine’s Day goodies, click here.

Dip into Pretty takes toe spacers and adds dazzle and ease of use. Google failed me so I can’t tell you when toe spacers/separators were invented, but it might have been the stone age. Those foamy, disposable  torture devices have been around for a million years and while I’ve seen different versions of the same thing, I don’t think there have been any major improvements on them as a whole. That is, before Dip into Pretty separated the toe separators and made this too adorable to handle.

Each of these silicone, jewel topped pieces fit snug between your toes and keep your freshly pained digits from bumping into one another. In the Dip into Pretty Shop, there are over 20 different designs. Everything from these red jeweled hearts called “Sweet Hearts” to other jewels, pearls and even donuts. Each set is $12.99

They also just launched their line of 5 free polishes and they are stunning. I received the color “Roses are Red” . This stunning blue based red is super flattering and the polish itself is opaque in just two coats and extra glossy. I’m excited to see how this wears, but so far, I’m super impressed.

They paired their new polish and their toe spacers together in a few kits and you can get these two together in the I Give You My Heart set for just $18.99.

Paining my toes was so easy with this set and I ADORE the way the spacers look! They’re so pretty and perfect for when you’re getting ready for your Valentine’s Day date! You can check out more from this brand online! Which design is your favorite?


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