Valentine’s Day Heart Locket by Pictures On Gold

Jewelry might be one of the most classic gifts for Valentine’s Day and I, personally, love the trend. It’s easy to go to a jewelry store and pick out a mass made piece that any woman would adore, but nothing says I love you like jewelry that truly takes thought. At, you can personalize everything from signet rings to lockets for that extra special touch. I had the chance to dive into their personalized lockets and have one made just for me!

For something made so personally (I chose everything down to how the photos inside were aligned), I was so surprised how quick this was at my door! Aside from quick shipping, selecting just how I wanted my lockets to look was super easy! I clicked over to the Create Your Own Locket page and started with the 2-Picture Sterling Silver Heart Locket. (Right now, these are on sale up to 50% off just for Valentine’s Day!)

On the easy to use prompt, you select the size heart locket you like (this is the 3/4″ heart) and what you’d like on the front of your locket. You can even add a birthstone on the bail of your locket for an extra special touch. You can choose images from “clip art”, add text or even monogram your locket. I chose to put an “R” on mine for my last name.

Inside, you can add a photo on each side or even more text. I placed a photo on either side of my locket. Each of these photos are laser engraved in color and sealed to last forever. Both of the photos I submitted had somewhat busy backgrounds (a bed spread behind my dear Jelly and trees and a road behind my beautiful boys) and Pictures On Gold  put those backgrounds away so my boys and Jelly would really shine! Unlike traditional paper photos placed inside lockets, the laser engraved images are waterproof and scratch proof and guaranteed for a lifetime.

I chose not to have anything put on the reverse of my locket, but you’re even able to design the back of the locket, too! I chose a 20″ box chain for a super sturdy necklace! They offer 4 different chains, up to 24″ long or you can get just the locket and put it on a chain you already own and love.

Not only was the process of making this locket fun and easy, but I absolutely adore that I got to choose everything that went into this piece. If you’re looking for a gift that is truly from the heart, be sure and check out! You can still shop for delivery by 2/14 this year!


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