Valentine’s Day Drinks with Glass Dharma + Giveaway

If you’re planning a little bit of a post date visit, be it at his place or yours, cocktails are always a fun idea! If you’re hosting, gather up a few of these goodies for some drinks that are sure to please in taste and appearance! I think it’s important that a drink tastes amazing, but also looks super cute for a special day like Valentine’s Day. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to go Pinterest on you, it’s easy to pull off!


I recently got the chance to try two new brands and they were delicious! First, was a stunning whiskey called Usquaebach. The root of this word roughly translates into “the water of life” and as a whiskey girl, I thought this was both clever and accurate. I also tried this stunning cream liqueur called Amarula. I was surprised how many of my friends were familiar with this drink because I had never tried it! If you’re into a smooth drink with tons of rich flavor, this is perfect for you!

Sassy Lassie (2)

The company shared this amazing recipe with me. For the whiskey, bring together chocolate and strawberries in this tasty cocktail!
The Sassy Lassie by Usquaebach
2 oz. Usquaebach Reserve blended Scotch whisky
1 oz. Amaro Lucano
2 strawberries
Dash of chocolate bitters
Shaved dark chocolate
1 slice of strawberry
Add strawberries and bitters to a mixing glass and muddle. Add ice, scotch and amaro. Stir until very cold. Strain into a cocktail coupe. Garnish with chocolate shavings. Fit a strawberry slice to the rim of the glass.

Amarula Sunset

My favorite recipe was this amazing blended drink with Amarula. This is the perfect after dinner drink to savor with your sweetheart after a romantic meal. Pairing Amarula, ice cream and strawberries, this frozen cocktail is an easy Valentine’s Day favorite. Plus, it’s so, so easy!

Amarula Sunset
2 ½ oz. Amarula
½ cup vanilla ice cream
2-3 teaspoons strawberry puree
Fresh strawberry
Blend ingredients and pour into a martini glass. Garnish with a delicious Amarula-filled fresh strawberry.


I enjoyed both of these drinks but just in case you wanna go the super simple route, I wanted to share a few presentation ideas with you featuring my favorite glass straws, Glass Dharma. Not only are these glass straws super elegant and add that extra something to any drink or cocktail, but by using glass straws, you’re keeping thousands and thousands of plastic straws out of landfills every year. If you consider how many straws are used everyday by fast food places, restaurants or even in homes, then consider where they go after their used- one time, you’d be floored by the number. Let me help you out, in the USA, we use 500 million plastic straws….EVERY SINGLE DAY. Everysingleday. My using glass straws and turning down plastic straws with my Wendy’s frosty might not seem like a huge impact, but the more we band together, the less plastic straws end up in landfills and I’m happy to be doing my part.

Glass Dharma also has a lifetime guarantee on their straws so you’re making an investment that will last, unless you’re like me and all your friends walk off with yours!


One of the newest editions to the Glass Dharma lineup are these fun engraved straws. Add a cute touch to your drink with these or get them customized with any word for any occasion. These are the Simple Elegance straws in 8″.


I put these straws in a Whiskey & Coke for two. Usquaebach is amazing with Coke but absolutely stunning over ice for the special man in your life.


For a touch of color, I added the Glass Dharma Decorative Dots Sipper Straw in red to my Amarula over ice. This double wall glass is by Bodum and paired together, these turn a simple drink into a festive presentation.

If you’re hoping to add a touch of pazzaz to the next cocktail you serve, enter below to win a $25 Gift Card to Glass Dharma!

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