#TRSGiftGuide with Munchkin!

As an avid Target shopper, I feel like my kids have grown up on the Munchkin brand. From sippy cups and bottle drying racks to bath crayons and sand pails, Munchkin has it all and at affordable prices too. They’re products are always fun, eye catching and my kids have yet to NOT fall completely in love with a Munchkin toy. Munchkin knows how to keep my kids interested and keep the savings in my pocket, that’s a win win!

DSCN0066When it came down to finding a good brand to recommend for people shopping for kids under the age of 5, Munchkin immediately came to mind.  Toddlers aren’t always the easiest to shop for and I speak from experience when I say they aren’t the easiest to keep interested either! Munchkin has got us covered. We had the opportunity to try out a few Munchkin toys for our Gift Guide and I have to tell you, our bedtime routine has been a blast since these arrived!

DSCN0068 My boys happen to love bath time. In the winter months, it’s a little harder to convince them to get out of snuggly clothing and into even the bubbliest of baths, so bath toys are my secret weapon. Even a real rough and tumble toy can enjoy a good tea party in the bath. This tea set is especially fun! It featured rattling beads, squirting cup cakes and has two cups so the boys can share. The kettle really pours so I  have to remind my little guys that we don’t pour water on each other 😉

DSCN0071When they aren’t having aquatic tea parties, my boys love to get creative in the bath! We’ve been a big fan on anything colorful lately, like bath fizzies that turn water crazy colors so bath crayons seemed like the next step! I worries how they would come off of my bath. After all, I didn’t need toddler graffiti all over when it came time to host Holiday guests! Most of the art came off with just a cup of water, for the rest, I took a dishcloth and gently wiped for a quick, easy clean up! Amongst the doodles, my boys also stuck these fun floating stick ons. These are great because they can stuck on the wall and float in  the water. My boys like to come up with stories about the octopus and whale.

DSCN0070After we’re all clean, it’s time for bed! My 3-year-old has been having some troubles with not wanting to unwind and go to bed at the end of the day so we gave him a nightlight to get comfortable and to have a little something to play with by himself. This owl nightlight is the perfect bedtime companion for the night owl in him 😉 The light given off by this light is very soft and soothing. It doesn’t bother my 4-year-old who’s also in the same room.

Overall, Munchkin products are fun, easy to use and come at a great price! I’m excited to pick up a few more Munchkin goodies to stuff stocking this year. My boys will love it!


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