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Holiday Gift Guide 2013

It only makes sense to kick of The Rosy Snail 2013 Holiday Gift Guide with one of my “Holy Grail” makeup brands. I’m not alone in my love for Urban Decay and when they release a new palette, there is always a lot to say about it! The Vice 2, with its 20 BRAND NEW eyeshadow shades, was no exceptions and instantly found its way onto my Wish List. Lucky for me, my mother and I have the same shopping tendencies and became “enablers” for one another on a recently shopping trip! We both grabbed with $59 beauty and now I’m ready to share it with you all!



The Vice 2 Palette was released just a few weeks ago and has been a hit ever since! For 20 new shades (at .8g each) and a double ended brush, the $59 price tag is fairly modest. It’s certainly a great deal for Urban Decay products. To break it down for you: Urban Decay eyeshadows retail for $18 individually and for this, you receive .05oz of product or 1.5g. So, each .03oz (.9g)  eyeshadow in this palette would be worth about $10.80. Plus, you get a double ended brush. Urban Decay eyeshadow brushes retail for about $26 (sizes comparable one included in this palette) BUT those are single sided, so it’s hard to place a value on this one. Without the brush, the eyeshadows alone have a value of a whopping $216. Need I say more?

DSCN0408I adore the case on this palette. It features a button that releases the spring-loaded lid that opens “automatically”. This makes for a fun effect but more than that, this is a polish junkie’s dream. I’ll never chip a nail prying open my Vice 2!

DSCN0407 The case features a 3D faceted “UD” logo that looks like a giant jewel. My first concern was that this would make my palette storage tricky, but the added bulk has mostly gone unnoticed by me when putting my palettes away.


First, the brush. While this brush stood out to me instantly as being like the one I already own from my Naked 2 Palette, I soon decided, I like this one much better.


While the blending end is almost identical, the biggest difference is in the shader end. This side has more fibers and is thicker than any other Urban Decay eyeshadow brush I currently own.


The shape is still somewhat flattened like the Naked 2 Dual-ended brush, but it’s much more oval and more densely packed. Overall, I find myself using this brush more than any of my other Urban Decay eyeshadow brushes to date.


The overall packaging for this palette is not only nice to look at, but I found it to be sturdy well-organized. Thought I’ve not yet had the displeasure of dropping this one (KNOCK ON WOOD), I believe it would stand up to some pretty hard-core makeup abuse. That’s always a plus!


On to the colors themselves! Enjoy the next several images of eyeshadows 🙂




Vice2- 1st RowTime for some swatches and specifics. In the first row (of 5 colors) we have:  Smokeout, Lovesick, Shellshock, Coax and x-Rated.

Smokeout is a super rich (somewhat) metallic brown. I adore this as a crease color and while I do own a lot of browns, this nearly black-brown is the only like it in my collection.
Lovesick at first glance looks a bit like oil slick, but in fact is much more pigmented. This is a warm black with some silver glitter in it. Without a good primer, I could see there being a risk of fall out from the glitter. So far, I’m loving this upgrade to a standard black, like blackout. (Though it is not as dark as Blackout.)Shellshock is a real WOW shadow of the bunch. This SUPER metallic silver is like liquid metal. It glides on amazingly smooth, is so pigmented and is easy to blend. I’ve never seen a shadow like this one. I’ll be purchasing this as a single for sure.
Coax is a great metallic pink with plum undertones. This shade takes a little bit of elbow grease to get the “pan color” but it’s well worth it. Like Shellshock, this color is so unique and once on, it’s super smooth.
Last in row one, x-Rated is a great powder pink. This is a true “baby pink” with a great frost to it. In the pan, this color looks almost completely matte, but the tiny bit of frost is definitely there.

Vice 2- 2nd RowRow two consists of some more great darker colors: Prank, Madness, Strike, Stash and Poison.

Prank is a blue micro-glitter with black undertones. Of all the “blacks” in this palette, this one comes across the most chalky to me, but I could see it blended with blues as a wonderful transition color.A great blue to use Prank with, Madness in next. This is the PERFECT metallic medium blue. I admit, I am almost never one to wear blue eyeshadow, but this metallic has me enchanted and I cannot wait to get a look around this color!
Strike is the metallic yellow gold I’ve been begging for! I love so many Urban Decay gold tones but they all have glitter. This metallic is glitter free and it applies like BUTTER.
Stash is a great dark green with gold/khaki colors reflex. This will make amazing Fall and Winter looks. I’m not sure if I want to go rock n’ roll and lay this all over my lid or be modest and blend with it, but this will make light eyes pop for sure!
Poison is officially the darkest color (swatched) in this palette and is maybe my favorite of the “black” shades. This one has a green glitter to it that has so many dimensions. I want to say there is gold in there too, but it’s hard to say. Breathtaking either way.

Vice 2- 3rd RowWe get a little bit of light with the 3rd row featuring: Radar, Damaged, VooDoo, Betrayal and Derailed.

For me, this row was the most appealing in the pan, but I’m sad to say this row also had the most fall out for me.Regardless, Radar was a wonderful warm, blonde-brown. Again, a brown unlike any other brown I own. This was metallic, but not so much so that you couldn’t pair it with a matte shade for a subtle day look. There is a tiny bit of glitter in this one, gold/blonde glitter.
Next, Damaged is a wonderful, deep metallic green. This color has a lot going on once swatched. This was a big mess maker though.
VooDoo is my favorite purple of the bunch, unfortunately it’s a mess to get the color on. It’s dark, has blue glitter to it with a metallic base. Love this shade to death, but I’ll need something for fall out control.
Betrayal reminds me of Asphyxia but much more pigmented and a little deeper. But the same is-it-purple/is-it-blue tone to it. This is a different color from every angle.
Derailed is another wonderful brown in this palette, metallic, of course. This was the least messy of this row and I know I’ll use this medium tone often. In the pan this looks like it’s got a touch of gun-metal, but swatches much more brown.

Vice 2- 4th rowRow 4 was packed full of what I’ll be using as lid and highlight colors, these will get the most use in my kit and will need to be repurchased before all the rest 🙂 In order, they are Dope, Toxic, Habit, Ambush and Rewind. A lot of these colors can be compared to shades in the Naked 2 palette, but the biggest overall difference is that these shades are a touch darker.
Dope is my new favorite all time highlight color. It’s a little more champagne colored compared to Bootycall and in my opinion goes better with my light skin tone.
Toxic is similar to Chopper but it’s more of a pink or “rose gold” and has less brass-y-ness or orange in it. I always loved Chopper but Toxic really knocks it out of the park.
Habit is one of the only two matte colors  in the palette. It’s slightly darker than Foxy. It applies wonderfully and I can’t wait to use this one.
Ambush isn’t quite like anything in the Naked 2, it’s a lovely bronzy-brown that stands on its own. This is a great metallic. Lastly, Rewind, the second and last matte shade in this palette. It’s similar to tease, but less gray. I think this might be my favorite matte brown in my entire collection. It’s a great shade for my skin tone and it will make an amazing blending color!

Overall, this palette is a MUST for the makeup junkie in your life! Whether someone’s collection is brand NEW or HUGE, these shades are all new so there is NO way you can be purchasing an Urban Decay lover a shade they already have! It’s truly fool-proof! Not to mention, it’s already so beautiful, you can save on the wrapping paper and just hand it to them as is 😉





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