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Holiday Gift Guide 2013

There’s a techie in every group and whether you’d say that’s you or not, I’m sure you’ll be shopping for fun gadgets and accessories this Holiday Season. I know I will. I’m a sucker for innovative and unique products when it comes to electronics so OnHand really stood out to me when I received a few of their great stocking stuffer ideas for review!


OnHand started with a simple idea. There had to be a better way to keep up with those tiny, but all important USB Flash Drives. This is a problem I can certainly relate to. As a blogger, mommy and all around photo lover, I’ve got at least a dozen stashed around my house for various projects. I’ve had a tough time loosing one for a major project just recently. It’s a headache.  To remedy this, the OnHand USB Flash Drive Wristband was created as the founders college classroom project.


So what is the OnHand USB Flash Drive? It’s exactly what it sounds like. A memory device that is literally on hand at all times. It collects the USB plug-in to a silicone, jelly bracelet to create a comfortable, and in my opinion cute, bracelet. This one only adds a slight bit of “bulk” to the size of a standard Flash Drive, but it makes it easy to wear.


This product retails for $23.95 (about the same as a quality Flash Drive) and has 8gb of memory. This is plenty for most projects I can think of, but if you needed more, these are light and small enough to double up on your bracelets. So far, the drive itself runs fast, smooth and I’ve not have any issues with it what-so-ever.


After the launch of OnHand and the success of the wearable USB, they created another techie convenience item, the iPhone 5 Card Case. This, again, is exactly what it sounds like. A phone case with a convenient place for all your important cards. I’ve seen a few variations on this type of case over the year, but their two piece design is definitely one of my favorites.


The case consists of a hard case (shell) that goes around your phone and houses the cards, followed by a second later that is a soft silicone. I imagine this is great for absorbing any of the shock from a fall and makes for a comfy grip while holding your phone.

Overall, I loved the design and performance of each of these products and would highly recommend them when shopping for the tech savvy this Holiday Season.

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  1. Caitlin M says:

    I’m a little sad that they don’t offer this for other phones aside from Iphone 🙁 I would totally buy it! I am constantly sticking my card in my bra when I don’t have pockets lol.

    PS: did you see the snail speaker they have? 😉

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