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Holiday Gift Guide 2013

When I think of the Holidays, I think of spending time with the family and relaxing, but I also think it might be a little time to splurge. Have a few sweets and not worry too much about dieting or weight loss. When I go indulge in sweets, I admit, I’ve got a weakness for Chocolate. I  have an especially large weakness for GOOD chocolate.

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With all the other desserts available this holiday, my chocolate has got to be THE best. So I choose Guylian. While the unique name might stick out to some, I’m sure the adorable seahorse shape stands out to all. What you might not know is that these amazing hazelnut filled chocolates are named after a true love story when husband, Guy, started this company with (and for) his wife Liliane. They meshed their names together and came up with Guylian.


The signature look and taste of Guylian’s Belgian Chocolates in their Hazelnut Praline filling. I have to say, this amazing truffle like filling is like nothing I’ve ever had before. It’s dense, but not too rich. It’s sweet, but not overbearing. It really is just the right amount of rich, melt in your mouth filling. Plus, I adore the shapes! In my home, we fight over who will get the rare Seahorse in the boxes but the unique shells are just as tasty!


Guylian Chocolate comes in many different sizes, all filled with the same wonderful chocolate. We got a chance to try their chocolates and see what all the fuss was about! We were already in love with their signature chocolates, but there were a few new (to us) items we got to munch on!

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First we tried their “No Sugar Added” bars of chocolate. I think I’ll use these for baking, but after a nibble, I’m not sure they’ll make it! These feature the same creamy, delicious chocolate I’ve come to expect from Guylian-  just in a bar!

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I also tried the Vanilla filled ones. These, I have to admit, are my favorite! I’m a sucker for chocolate and vanilla together. This filling offers the same richness of their signature filling, but it’s Vanilla! Love these. I’ll be on the look out for more of these in stores. They are limited edition, so I’m getting as many as I can!

We loved Guylian’s Belgian Chocolates so much that we can’t wait to share with one lucky reader! Guylian’s is offering a giveaway here with The Rosy Snail! One lucky winner will win a HUGE prize package featuring all the goodies here and more! Enter below for your chance to win!

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  1. Adin Blankenship says:

    Ah! The best chocolate ever!!!!!! We love those truffles, they are oh so good. We are down to just two truffles from all the chocolates we got from them. LOL! They are so addictive I had to hide them or else will eat them in just one setting. LOL! Hmmm… yum!

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