ThermaPearl #StockingStuffers


The older my boys get, the more holiday prep takes it’s tole. From decorating and wrapping to the shopping and cooking, it’s a lot to do as a parents. The good thing is that none of us are alone in this stress. It’s just how it is as a parent. I find myself asking for a “break” when it comes to my Christmas wishlist. I want to sleep in, pee by myself, take a bubble bath that isn’t filled with hot wheels and I want to look like I’ve gotten twice as much sleep as I really get. Like most people, I can’t get everything I want, but since this ThermaPearl Eye Mask is in my stocking, I’ll get some of it.


The ThermaPearl eye mask is made of tiny pearls that easily hold hot or cold for either hot or cold therapy. This eye mask is perfect to pop in the freezer for a refreshing cold eye mask. The special pearls remain pliable when frozen making the mask soft and really comfortable on the face. The strap keeps in one your face while you relax and I have to add, boy do you relax! This is my #1 go-to when I finally get a moment of silence to relax!


ThermaPearl makes a great stocking stuffer for that tired, in-need-of-a-break mommy in your life, but ThermaPearl makes products for hot or cold therapy all over the body! They have products for the neck and back, your knee or just a general pack for use anywhere! You can pop these in the microwave for heat or store in the freezer to keep them ready to use when you need the cold. They even make good boo-boo packs for the littles.

Check them out online or check their retailer locator to find them all over the US in stores like Target and Walmart!

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