Meet Matt(e) by The Balm

DSCN0072I’ve been a fan of The Balm for nearly 3 years now, ever since discovering a great deal at my local Marshall’s. Since then, I’ve ordered countless products and hit pan on many blushes. Truth is, The Balm is one of the few brands I can whole heartedly say don’t make anything I wouldn’t recommend. There isn’t a bad egg in the bunch and there are some serious wow packed into their line too! After a quick thumbing through my mass of products from this company, I did come up with a few things I hadn’t already tried out and I was lucky enough to receive these two for review!

DSCN0077Up first, I tried the “Put a Lid on it” eye primer.

DSCN0075I’ve heard this compared to the famous Urban Decay eye primers and I have to say, not quite. The color is exact, a nice nude base that sheers out to a nearly clear color once applies, but the consistency and finish are very different. TheBalm recommends letting this primer site for 1 minute before applying shadows over top their primer. It’s great advice given that their primer has a longer drying time and seems to be a little more oily than some others I’ve tried.

DSCN0078Before you read the word “oily” to mean greasy, let me clarify. I find this formula to be a TOUCH more vaseline like, which I love. I think this has a much greater hold and shadow sticks to be better than the most popular primers on the market. I’d say this one is only lesser in popularity because you’ve not tried it yet 😉

DSCN0079I also got to try out the Meet Matt(e) Nude palette. This palette has reached true rock star status among beauty gurus and makeup artists and I’m sad to admit, I must be the very last person to try out this palette!

DSCN0082This palette features 9 full size, large, matte eyeshadow shades and a large mirror.

DSCN0083Each color is named after a different Matt. That makes it a little difficult when trying to tell someone what eyeshadow color you’re wearing, but I love that they picked a theme and stuck with it.  While all these shades fit into a nude theme, they did add small pops of color with “Matt Singh” and “Mat Lombardi”. They did the same for their Nude’tude palette and I came to find that I really love the options. When blended with these other shades it’s only the most subtle color difference, but enough to give you several other options.

IMG_20130812_202900On to the actual shadows 🙂 I think that matte shades often get a bad rap for being hard to blend or chalky. I’ve encountered my fair share of  shadows that fit the bill to a t, these are not that kind of eyeshadow. I was honestly shocked by how creamy, smooth, pigmented and easy to blend these matte shadows were. The swatches above are two passes with NO primer. If you know of another white eyeshadow that can do this, tell me, because I think you’re lying! I’ve tried them all! Each shade is unique and each shade is a winner!


I’ve been on Instagram posting looks using this palette for the past week or so because I’m absolutely loving it! After a week, I’ve still got plenty of ideas for looks I can create using this palette. The possibilities are endless and since there is no shimmer, I feel like I can get away with using this with things that would otherwise make me look like a disco ball like glitter lipstick or glitter eyeliner.

If you’ve not been able to pick up some goodies from The Balm, I highly recommend doing so! My all time favorite highlight (I mean ever) is their Mary-Loumanizer and I’m addicted to their new Instain Blushes (I’m wearing the shade Swiss dot in the picture above).

Are you already a fan of The Balm? What’s your go-to product?


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