The Vintage Cosmetic Company

Hey guys! Recently, I had the honor to play with some fun beauty tools from The Vintage Cosmetic Company. I wasn’t able to make it to Cosmoprof North America this year and this was one of the brands I was excited to see at the convention. Since I couldn’t make it, they were so sweet to send me some goodies to try out and share with you guys

So, here is my in all my bare face glory. I got to try 5 products from their lineup. Along with the cute, vintage inspired packaging,  this company has a range of accessories, beauty tools, hair brushes and makeup brushes. Everything I’ve gotten the chance to try has been really great quality and very reasonably priced.

I personally apply my foundation in a thin later with a makeup brush but when it comes to my concealer, I love beauty sponges. The Vintage Cosmetic Company Beauty Blending Sponge comes in a soft pale pink color and is super soft. Like most beauty sponges on the market, the one grows in size when you wet it. This beauty sponge is even infused with Vitamin E!

I also used this little guy to set my under eye area using my favorite setting powder. While the texture of this is different than some of the other brands on beauty sponges on the market, I found the difference to be a plus. This sponge felt softer to the touch AND the material felt less likely to tear from my nails- which is a problem I have with prolonged use of any sponge I’ve ever tried. This one has a price tag of just $7.79, too!

After I finished contouring, blush and highlight, I was onto the eyes. Their website had some great looking brushes on it and I was thrilled to try out the Smokey Eye Makeup Brush Set. This off white brushes are even labeled Step 1, Step 2 and Step  for a no-nonsense guide. The set of 3 retails for just over $21.

For the smokey look I did for this post, I went in with my everyday ZPalette. (The empty space is where I normally have a NYX blush in “Taupe” but I just bought a new one and I haven’t used my ZPotter to depot it yet!)

I used the “Step 1” brush to place the color. This is a great “packing brush”. These brushes are all very soft, but they are not so soft that they aren’t putting in the work. The hairs are a little on the coarse side without being scratchy at all. Honestly, this is the perfect mix of soft/coarse hairs to blend out matte eyeshadows.

I used the “Step 2” brush to blend, this is the largest of the 3 brushes and it’s angled perfectly to blend upwards from the crease. Lastly, “Step 3” is the most detailed brush. It’s flat but had a lot of structure to the short bristles. I used this one to place a shimmering lid color and to smoke out the lower lash line.

I thought this trio was perfect for a classic smokey eye. This ended up being a day look for me, but I would definitely feel comfortable going for a super intense, dark smokey eye with these knowing how well they blend!

I loved my finish look and these tools make for an effortless application! I’ve still got more goodies from this brand to share next time so stay tuned! If you wanna shop this brand, head over to their website now! The Vintage Cosmetic Company.




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