The Honest Co.

I think celebrities are always trying to branch out and try new thing.
Heck, if I were famous and had that much”pull” with people, I probably would to.
Jessica Alba launched The Honest Co. after becoming a Mother.
At the companies core is a promise to bring you products that are good for your home and children and free of all “the nasties” such as harsh chemicals, parabens, synthetic fragrances and more. They call this the Honestly Free Guarantee.

I personally have not heard a lot about this company- which is a bit of a shock considering I have 2 children in diapers!
I decided I wanted to give them a try after reading the Honestly Free Guarantee. Plus, their website looked adorable.
There is currently an offer for a Free Trial
You just pay the $4.95 shipping.
You can check that out HERE and just click on “Free Trial” at the top.
You can choose to sample baby products, home products or both.

So, just a few days after I signed up for the trial, I got this cute little box in the mail. They shipped UPS & it got here FAST.

My first impression is that The Honest Co. really highlights the little things (and the little things that make a BIG difference, like what your products are made of) The box has cute letters inside and is full of products.

So, what I  actually received is  a trial package of their monthly subscription for two different “bundles” that they offer. Their Honest Diapers Bundle and Their Honest Essentials Bundle. I looked on their site because when looking at their price points, $35.95 for the Essentials bundle and $79.95 Diapers bundle- I just wanted to know how much I was getting. We go through Diapers like crazy. I ended up doing a google search an it was still not very easy to find. I hopes that information would be included in the Trial package that I got. No such luck. The papers just said things like “Based on average use” & well, my average use is double what everyone else would use. I eventually found a chart buried here in the FAQ so you can look up which diaper size you would potentially be using.

The first thing that I pulled out was a sample pack of 7 diapers. We haven’t gotten a chance to try them yet but they look adorable. I especially love the anchor ones. They feel like standard diapers (minus some terrible brands I’ve tried that felt plastic-y) and they seem flexible enough to feel comfortable on baby.

We also got a trial pack of 10 baby wipes. These are biodegradable and plant based. They smell really fresh and they are larger than the average wipe. So far I’m enjoying these. Outside of the bundle, a pack of 80 of these are $4.95 which is about normal for organic or all natural wipes.

Next was this box that was filled with the other samples, what they call the Family Essentials Bundle.

I got 5 trial/travel sized products. The two on the end are 2oz each and the 3 tubes are 1oz. I have yet to try all of these yet, but I will still give you a breakdown of what was included.

We got a sample of the Honest Laundry Detergent. This is enough for two loads and it says it is ideal for High Efficiency machines. This is natural and fragrance free.

This is the Honest Healing Balm, this is marketed as a diaper rash cream
but also as a fix all for razor burn, dry skin or even boo-boos.

We got a 1oz sample of the Honest Shampoo and Body Wash, this is meant for baby.
Tear free, nice scent. I am looking forward to trying this with the boys.

Also included was the Honest Face & Body lotion.
It looks and feels nice, I do wish there was an SPF in it since it is for your face, but I can’t win them all 😉

Lastly, is the Honest Hand Soap. This product I’ve used a few times since getting the box and I really like it. I have to wash my hands often from changing diapers and I like my hands to feel conditioned but not to perfumed most days. This is a good hand soap.

Overall, I was happy with the trial I got. I think that the diaper bundle, being just under $20 a week and meant to diaper one child is just out of our budget. We currently spend $22 every two weeks, that does not include wipes but it’s diapers for both our babes. I would be interested in continuing the Essentials Line. There are other items aside from these 5 to choose from. It is basically $40 for 5 items shipped and you can choose any 5 items you want. You can also change those 5 items from month to month by giving them a call. I would be interested in trying their sunscreen and bubble bath.

If you do decide to do the free trial, there are two things that you need to know- First, you have 7 days from the time you receive your sample package to either cancel or you will be billed and sent the first month’s bundles. Also, you have to cancel over the phone. I will be having to call and cancel the Diaper Bundle, so when I do that Monday- I will update and let you all know how that goes.

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