The Bitterness Eliminating Coffee Maker from Hammacher Schlemmer #GiftGuide

Mark this blog post down for the longest title around, but don’t discount ANYTHING I’m about to tell you! For the longest time, I wasn’t a coffee drinker. I’m a sweet tea kinda gal who married into a serious coffee family. It seemed like every time we got together, coffee was the thing. Eventually, I found myself yawning through board games and let’s be honest, feeling a little left out.

My husband spends a lot of time getting what he considers the perfect cups. He roasts green coffee beans in our home, grinds only for what he’s using right then and uses an aeropress to make one cup at a time (with the perfect temperature water). It tastes great not that I’ve got a taste for coffee, but who has that kind of time? I’ll tell you when he doesn’t, he’s stuck with stale Folger’s at work. This happens more than he’ll admit. I want to be a true coffee drinker, but I’m lazy. Like…really lazy. So, Hammacher Schlemmer to the rescue.


Hammcher Schlemmer might have a funny way, but the way they do business is serious. Instead of carrying a wide variety of products, causing you to have to look up reviews, read through stats and look upfeatures to decide which is the very best- they do all that work for you. They sell items listed on their site as “The Best” and they mean it. They put products through the ringer and only carry the grand champs. I’ve shopped Hammacher so much times before and their expertise shines through in everything they sell. So, when I saw “The Bitterness Eliminating Coffee Maker“, I knew I could trust in their vision.


Just a few days after my order was put in, this stunning chrome coffee maker arrived at my door. Not only is this stunning to look at, but it boasts some amazing features. Offering the perfect cup with absolutely NO skills needed. A child could do it.


The Bitterness Eliminating Coffee Maker brews up to 10 cups of coffee at a time and begins brewing in just 20 seconds. It heats the water to the perfect temperature to ensure you get the most out of your coffee beans.

We found the brew to be absolutely perfect and if you like your coffee hot but not scalding (like we do) you’ll find that it’s absolutely ready to go as soon as you pour your first cup. If you’re like me and are a bit of a “day sipper”, the hot plate will maintain the perfect temperature of your coffee for up to 2 hours before the auto-shut off feature takes over.


Not only that, but the hot plate icon will pop up on the LED screen to let you know it’s keeping your brew warm and let you know how much time has elapsed since this pot was brewed. This is perfect for an office setting or if you’ve got a staggered schedule like my husband and I do. I get up first and will make coffee and leave him to find the pot later, then I’ll swing back around for round two. The times vary so it’s great to be able to easily see how old the pot it!

You can also set the maker to brew at any time you’d like by setting the “alarm” on it to begin your brew.


And while it’s not included in the purchase, I love that you can add a water filter inside the water “chamber” for an even better brew. You can purchase these filters at Bed, Bath & Beyond or online.

Lastly, check out the video below to see how long the brew takes to begin and get a little insight on the sounds this baby makes. It’s a nice babbling coffee maker for sure (nothing silent here) but it’s worth it for the results.

I personally think this no-fuss coffee maker is an amazing gift for the coffee lover in your life. It also makes a great “joint” gift for couples and families since this can be enjoyed by several people with each pot of coffee brewed.


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