Teething Bling #GiftGuide

Whether it’s baby’s first Christmas or you’re cutting some serious teeth, teething jewelry is a fun gift idea for Mommy & Baby. I’ve lost or broken a lot of jewelry raising my boys because jewelry is not only fun to wear, but for littles, it’s also fun to pull, tear and try to eat. With Teething Bling, you can let your sweet little one teeth away in peace knowing that it’s not only safe for the both of you, but you’ll also look great doing it.


Teething Bling jewelry is made of a safe silicone with no harmful chemicals such as phthalates, BPAs, PVCs, lead or latex. The pendants and necklaces also come with a “break-away” closure that allows the necklace to easily be removed and to keep baby from pulling too hard and hurting the wearer.

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I had Alicia of The Rambunctious Rose and her adorable little, Theo, come over and test it out! Theo is still a little guy and not quite ready to break teeth, but according to him mom, he loves to gum just about anything!

We got the Teething Bling Gemstone necklace in Turquoise. I’ve seen Alicia sport pops of turquoise like any fashionista would (I don’t use that term lightly with this girl, she knows fashion) and I have a feeling she’ll get a lot of wear out of this fun, chunky necklace!


I was impressed with both the fashion forward design (for a teething necklace) and the material itself. The necklace had a chunky design but wasn’t too heavy to be comfortable. The silicone is just the right texture to really take a beating but also be soft and comfortable for baby.

This would make a fun gift for the new mom in your life! Teething Bling carries a wide range of teething jewelry and if you can’t decide which to get, they even have a DIY beading kit!

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