Techie Love: Meet Triby

If you’re in love with a techie, you know how in love with new technology they are. I married a serious technology lover and because of that, I feel the need to keep an eye out on what’s new in the tech world. That being said, it wasn’t long ago that things like the Echo dot hit Amazon with a little voice assistant called Alexa. If you aren’t familiar with Alexa, she is Amazon’s brain child and she’s a mix between having an actual assistant and Siri. We were both interested in having an Alexa device, but it seemed like the products were still working out the kinks. More recently, I heard about Triby and knew we have to check out this gadget!
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Triby is, like the other devices I mentioned, Alexa enabled. That means that using voice commands, you can ask Alexa questions such as “What is the weather?” Or “When did the American Revolutionary War begin?” and she can give you fact based answers. She is also amazing at math and because Alexa is an Amazon technology, you connect to your Amazon account and you can request Alexa to order things for you. The more Alexa enabled devices you own, the more you’ll have control over in your home. Just to name of few things, Alexa controlled thermostats and dimmable light bulbs are also on the market.

Aside from the Alexa side of this device, you’ll notice that there is a large, crisp screen (this reminds me of an e-readers screen and I actually really love the flat, matte look of it), several buttons and you might have noticed that grate on the front. The entire surface of the Triby is in fact a speaker. As far as compact speakers go, the sound quality is outstanding. The grey band on the outside of Triby is made of silicone and can be changed out. They currently offer a blue, red, green or grey silicone sleeve. The entire back of Triby is also a super strong magnet making it easy to place this on the fridge, on a filing cabinet or any other metallic surface.

With the speaker, you can use Triby to make phone calls. You set up users within the Triby app (you’ll see my husband, Shane and me, Alison) and you can assign one person to each of the phone shaped buttons. Using the app, you can make phone calls to Triby or you can push the buttons to call the cell phone of the person assigned to that button. When we made calls inside our house to test this out, we noticed a tiny bit of a delay on the phone call. Nothing major and again, the speakers sounded great.

To the right are two media (radio shaped) buttons. You can use Spotify on Triby (this requires a paid subscription to their service) or you can listen to radio stations via iHeart Radio. With the iHeart Radio app, you can assign your favorite stations to each button. I let the husband set up some of his favorites as he’s big into radio talk shows and music.

You might have noticed little icons next to our names above and there are several icons available to choose from. I think this is a cute little touch to personalize the user experience with Triby.

Through the app, you can also send text, doodles and even emojis to appear on the screen. when a message is sent this yellow flag extends to let you know you have a message. You gently push the flag in and the sender receives a message that it has been read.

After it’s been read, the message hangs out on the display, which I think is a fun touch!

Overall, Triby is a hit! It’s super convenient to be able to use Alexa and the other features that make Triby unique function well and add to the experience. The app is super easy friendly and adds value to the device. Triby is available online and retails for $199.

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