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Julep Maven April 2014 +add ons

Julep Maven April 2014 +add ons

DSCN0037I received my Julep Maven box for April just a few days ago and while I’ve received my box the last several months, I haven’t felt like I had anything to write home about. This month, I really loved several of the items in my box so I wanted to take the time to tell you all about it! If you aren’t familiar with Julep, it’s a monthly subscription box that sends you Julep’s own brand of polish. for $19.99 a month, you receive your choice of box. Most of their boxes contain two polishes and a product. There is also an all product box and an all polish box. If you want to know a little more, you can check out Julep HERE. You can also get your first box free, just pay $2.99 shipping :)

DSCN0046This month, I got “Classic with a Twist” and one add-on.

DSCN0042The non nail polish item this month was a pore minimizing blush. The add-on that I chose was a blush brush to go along with it. They also included some 25% off codes for the brushes and blushes. The kicker, they’re both sold out! I’ll wait patiently to use this soon.

DSCN0047A lot of times Julep includes a little extra and this month we got these cute hard candies. I wish I could tell you they were delicious but my toddlers stole these. It’s the thought that counts!


So, on to the real reason we’re here ;) I love these products. I’ve had my ups and downs with Julep (they make great products, I’m just not always jumping up and down raving about them and trust me, that’s something I like to do when polish is involved.) but these products have me singing on roof tops. Sound of Music Style.

This is the Julep GLOW Pore-Minimizing Blush in “Peach Bellini” and their (slanted) Blush Brush. The blush was included in my $19.99 box, I added on the brush for $16.99- my Julep Maven price at 20% off.

DSCN0049Let’s talk blush. They call this pore-minimzing and while I’ve not seen too much of that, it is illuminating as mentioned with a super refined, soft shimmer. Shimmer alone is known to minimize pores, so I totally see where they are going with that. The color is true to the box and aside from this outer box, they put in a fitter lining too, like the NARS packaging. Great touch to make sure my blush arrived safely.

DSCN0051 Isn’t this packaging SO sleek? Its cute, functions nicely and it has a great weight to it.

DSCN0054 Love the color itself too. I don’t always agree with Julep’s description of their polish colors- it’s probably hard because after so many years, many of their colors are similar, but they did a great job describing this shade.

DSCN0055Now here is, obviously, the bad thing. As I was taking pictures, I turned this over (while open) and the entire pan fell out. I banged up some of the edges which is pretty disappointing. I contacted Julep support a few days ago and I’m waiting on a reply. I do wish they had gotten back to me by now, but I’ll be patient.

DSCN0056The other star product for me was the Blush Brush. I’m. In. Love. It’s soft, the handle is nice and heavy and it applies blush like a DREAM. My only complaint? I didn’t pick up the bronzer brush to go with it!! This was well worth the price I  paid and I cannot wait for these to go back in stock. I need a few more.

julep-maven-april-2014-polishI go so caught up taking pictures of the blush and brush that my camera died before I got the chance to take close-ups of my polishes :) I received these two (I borrowed this photo from MySubscriptionAddiction.com), Mariska and Caitlin. I’ve tried both and I really like Caitlin, but Mariska dried a little too quickly for me to get clean lines around my cuticle. I’ll definitely try again in a…less ventilated room.


Square Hue May 2013

Square Hue May 2013


You’re probably wondering what in the world is Square Hue?! Well, I’d be happy to answer that question :) Square Hue is my NEW go-to monthly subscription for nail polish. Square Hue isn’t my first nail polish subscription, in fact, I’ve tried three others with mixed reviews. I’ve been disappointed in the past by small bottles, poor quality polish, overpriced “add-ons” and even at times receiving things unrelated to nail polish. Is it just me or do you find it WEIRD when a polish company sends you mascara? Well, these disappointments had me looking for a new box to invest around $20 into. I soon found SquareHue.com where for $21 a month, they would send you 3 full size bottles of nail polish. Each month, every subscriber is sent the same trio of on trend, coordinated colors. This months collection was named “Madonna” and I was really excited to see what Square Hue had in store for my first month!


As you can see, this collection features three stunning pinks. I can’t think of a better month to bust out different shades of the girliest color around. Most months, subscribers DO receive three separate colors. As someone who has a full range of colors, three great pinks are a welcome addition! Well, ANY polish is a welcome addition ;) Each bottle is full size .5oz or 15ml and in a cute square bottle.

DSCN9433From left to right, we received “Happy Creme”, “Mother’s Pearl” and “Day Glow”.

DSCN9434Each of these colors is unique and has a different finish. Happy Creme is a pastel with loads of pigments. I found this one to be surprising in that I had full coverage and color in just two coats. Most of my pale colors need at least 3. Mother’s Pearl is a shimmer on the edge of being a holographic polish. I don’t own anything like this in my collection. The short brush inside each bottle makes application super smooth which is especially important with something so shimmery. Day Glow is probably my favorite. I’m a sucker for a good berry pink and this one packs a lot of punch into just one coat.




DSCN9439Overall, these colors were fabulous. I really loved the formulas, the bottles were easy to grip and the shorter than average brush gave me greater control when applying these polishes. After a few weeks of testing, I can say the wear time is about 5 days before I saw my first chips (not counting light tip wear). I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as wear, but again, these polishes pasts with flying colors! I’ll be continuing a subscription with SquareHue.com for now on and saying Good-bye to some of the other boxes I’ve tried in the past!

Have you tried SquareHue?




Julep Maven “Bombshell” November

Julep Maven “Bombshell” November

Does this post seem late in the month for you guys? That’s because it is. Not only did my box ship pretty late, but my add ons JUST shipped two days ago. They could give me no reason as to why they had not shipped and they only shipped AFTER I messaged them saying “Hey, what’s going on?” So…I’m a little bummed with the shipping speed this month and I wish I had my add-ons to share with you guys too, but life goes on!

I got my standard black box this month. The website switch and transition to “Jules” has not been easy for Julep and they are still making more adjustments along the way but I can say they I got the same quality products and I’m VERY happy with the selection this month. In addition to my box, I also chose to get the body scrub set. It won’t be here for a few more days, but I heard it works wonders with the body frosting we got in our boxes.

This Pink Grapefruit Body Frosting smells SO amazing. They even added in Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to add extra moisturizing and to help lock it in. With the weather changing in most parts of the country- I think this was a great addition to Julep this month.

As an added bonus this month, we got these one-step polish remover pads. I adore these and they are probably my favorite polish remover pads I’ve ever tried. The pad is very thick and can tackle all 10 fingers, even with a dark or stubborn color. I would love to be able to get more of these so I hope they become available in the shop soon!

And as always, I got two nail colors. I have to say that I WAS really excited for this blue (Donna) but when my box arrived, I was blown away by the purple (Trina)

I’m not usually a huge fan of shimmer polishes but this one is just so pretty!

Overall, I wish I had gotten my Julep two weeks ago like all my friends, but stuff happens and I still really enjoy Julep. If you’re interested in trying them out, you can get your first box for only ONE PENNY. Just click on the “I’m a Bombshell” icon to the right :)

Julep “Maven’s Choice” October

Julep “Maven’s Choice” October

This month, there seemed to be a bit of an upset because a lot  the Maven’s do not like “Crackle polishes”. I for one, don’t HATE them, but I do think that they were a fad and they already came and went. I think Juelp was trying to bring them back for Halloween, but a lot of people (I mean- A LOT) seemed to be upset and decided to skin the month, that’s when Julep sent out a mass email letting us know about “Maven’s Choice” which featured 3 of the amazing “base colors” featured with other crackles to make a box of beautiful, Fall cremes. While I had already chosen Boho Glam, I quickly switched over to Maven’s Choice. I cannot pass up Creme polishes :)

I think the world is always going to have complainers and it was above and beyond for Julep to offer this as an option this month.If you haven’t given Julep a try, you should check them out! You can sign up HERE and use the code COLOR2012 to get your first Maven box for only a penny :)

So, my box arrived this month a little worse for wear. NOT because of anything Julep did but because my city had a HUGE 20day long down pour! All of my mail was a touch soggy, but wet is better than not at all!

First thing on top was this cute little quote, they always throw in these little cards.

And what Halloween themed box would be complete without Candy Corn?! I can’t remember the last time I ate this stuff, but it looks yummy. I’ll hold off for now since I’ve had quite a bit of sweet tea this morning :)

Not because I’m a negative Nancy, but because I know Julep, I was wondering what little “extra” we would be receiving this month. Usually if the item (non nail polish product) we get doesn’t retail for very much, we get a little something else. I was SO happy to see these two, generously sized glitters in my box! They won’t go with my polishes from this box, but I adore glitter and I thought this was an outstanding surprise! Kudo’s Julep! Keep the glitter comin’!!

And here are my 3 colors. Keira, Lisa & Eloise.
I LOVE them. I can’t decide which I want to use first! I might come up with something for all three!
The product for this month was Polish Drying Drops which I added (2 of) and I also added the glow-in-the-dark polish before it sold out :) So I’ll keep you posted as those come in!

Julep Mystery Box! “Product Lovers”

Julep Mystery Box! “Product Lovers”

I have to be honest, I LOVE me some Julep! Before I became a member, I was easily spending the $19.99 a month on polish in the store but when I found out I could get a  box of goodies sent to me instead, I soon converted to their 3-free formula. If by some INSANE chance, haven’t already given Julep at least a “one-box-try”, sign up HERE & used the code COLOR2012 to get your first box for a penny. If you don’t completely love it or if the $20 for the next months’ box isn’t in your budget, call them up and cancel. No strings attached :)

Every once in a while (thank the HEAVENS it’s been more often lately!!) Julep pulls out a special “Mystery Box” where you have no clue what is inside but it’s still $19.99 and you get anywhere from $60 up to $200 or more in product! This month we had an option between two varieties- Polish Lovers or Product Lovers. I adore the array of colors Julep provides, but I’m SPOILED with my Couture Gel Nail Polish. (of which I just got 10 amazing new shades!) so I find myself coming to Julep more for their products :)

First of all, it came in only 4 days! Go Julep ;) & like all my past Mystery Boxes, in a white box.

Here are all my goodies! I received 4 items.

They all came bubble wrapped, etc inside this cute Julep shopping bag. This is perfect for taking polishes, etc to a girlfriends house to do a spa night or what have you. I ended up giving my box away the month we got these so I’m happy to have one I’ll be keeping this time!

So, the total value of everything in my box? The Julep bag retails for $5, the  Hand brightener retails for $32, The nail file retails for $6 & the Fast Dry Top coat retails for $14, & my all time go-to Julep product, the cuticle oil retails for $18. Full box value: $75 & when I only paid $19.99 with free shipping, I’m a SUPER happy camper ;)

Julep Mystery Box for August (Bombshell)

Julep Mystery Box for August (Bombshell)

I got my box a little while back but I chose Bombshell (my normal selection) for my mystery box this time around. I did get a small or “average” box but I’m SO happy with the colors inside!!

Remember, if you aren’t already a Maven,
you can get your first Julep Maven box for only ONE PENNY. Just click here and use the color COLOR2012.

So, it came in this smaller than average box. I’ve noticed that all mystery boxes are white. I’m sure that costs less to make, but other than that, it’s just simple and it doesn’t give away too much on what’s inside :)

I got an orange bag (containing polishes of course) and one product. It included crinkle paper like normal :)

My “product” in my mystery box was a Lip Gloss in Peony. I didn’t think about how choosing Bombshell would likely mean repeats for me and this is a repeat for sure. I got this just the last month (July) but I did really like this color, so absolutely no complaints there.

I got three colors, all of which I love, I got Demi, Gloria and Vanessa- which has been my go too glitter ever since! Vanessa did come with a funky brush but they sent out a replacement right away!

The value of my mystery box was exactly $60 and I paid $19.99. Worth every penny!!

Julep Maven August- Bombshell

Julep Maven August- Bombshell

I’m not going to lie to you all, I wasn’t THAT excited about this month. That has nothing to do with Julep or the subscription, it’s just that I prefer cremes OR glitters. I’m not into the metallics or shimmers, so I really only got this month because of the non-nailpolish item and the EXTRA we got a sneak peak of on their Facebook :)

Don’t FORGET! If you haven’t tried Julep yet,
you can get your first month for only ONE PENNY: Click HERE & use the code COLOR2012

If you decide to sign up, drop me a comment! I’d love to know what Style you chose :)

This month is actually Julep’s One Year Anniversary! So happy you guys survived a year and are doing wonderful! It’s a huge deal for them and they printed this months box in pink and printed “We Celebrate You” on them as a Thank you to all their Mavens :)

And the inside says the same thing I mentioned above- It’s their Birthday! And the used a white tissue paper with large silver glitter.

Mini card announcing the theme with a quote from Oprah Winfrey :)

This month I chose Bombshell! Which is my go-to Style. I JUST ordered the Bombshell Mystery box! I cannot wait to share what’s inside! It should be here in a few weeks :)

Our “extra” this month that they sneak-peaked on Facebook this month was this cute little tote! Some people were surprised at how small it is (about 3-4″ shorter and less wide than a typical shopping bag) but I think this is a great size for nail polish and mani-pedi supplies, which I’m sure is what it is intended for!

And the sides were lined in this cute hot pink pattern with the Julep symbol :)

So this month, Julep went with metallic polishes. I’m not a huge fan and that was what almost made me skip this month BUT I was just talking to a friend a few days before our peak inside this box about how I wish Julep would come out with a polish removed and how they should have a pump top lid- that would be boss! Then, they read my MIND!! I was SO excited! They just released this 4oz pump bottle of non-acetone conditioning nail polish remover :) So I had to get the box….and add two of the polish removers too….

My colors were Harley & Kim.

I expected Harley to be a white metallic color, so I was a little thrown off when it was a silver. But none the less, these are very forgiving, one-coat, metallic polishes that are a great addition to any collection :)

Stay tuned for that MYSTERY BOX!!

Julep Maven July (American Beauty)

Julep Maven July (American Beauty)

We got our Julep Boxes a little early so we could have them before the 4th, after all “It’s your time to SPARKLE!”
I chose American Beauty- I tend you just choose whichever colors appeal to me :)

So, our boxes this month were small (we all got lip glosses! So there was no need for a larger box)
and decked out in Red, White & Blue! I thought this box was adorable! By far my favorite as far as decorations.

My lovely insert- as stated in the top right corner- we got a free nail polish! Not shown on the card.
People in American got a glitter polish called “America” and people in Canada got a glitter polish called “Canada”

First thing I pulled out of my box was my lip gloss. I adore this color. Their new Lip Vernis is non plumping which is a nice change (thought I liked the plumping ones as well) It’s VERY pigmented and it lasts a really long time.

Unfortunately, my lip gloss is…defective :( The stopped that removes the excess from the wand upon being extracted is lodged in my lid. I’ve tried just about everything to get it out and nothing have worked. I would normally be really upset by this BUT I know after the brush issue, I can trust Julep to stand by the products they send out. I’m 110% they will take care of this for me.

On to my polishes! (I just had to show you the cute packaging again!!)

Out edible treat this month was Atomic Fireballs!! I was stoked when I saw these, they fit the theme so well. After popping one into my mouth, I turned to my husband & said, “Do you ever look at (our) children and see them doing things and think, how do they do that? But know it was something you tried as a kid? This is one of those things!” They are SO hot!! I’m wondering what I was thinking as a child consuming bags of these!

I got three polishes thanks to the great bonus this month!  Yumi- an out of this world glitter. I thought this would be pretty, I did not know I would have to urge to remove all my nail polish and bathe in this stuff. I wish I had bought an extra!! Lynn- This was a bit sheer, but as far as sheer colors go, this is a must have in any collection. & Lastly, America- this was packed with glitter and very easily covered my nail. I didn’t expect that either.

I swatched them all- note that these are all over my Couture Gel Nail Polish in the color “In The Buff”. I loved everything in my box this month & I even ordered one additional lip gloss as an add on! I’ll let you all know when I get it!
Don’t forget, you can get your first Julep Maven box for one penny! Details HERE.

Julep Maven & Giveaway!

Julep Maven & Giveaway!

Well, as you all know, Julep Maven is almost all I can talk about lately!
& with good reason! Recently they shipped me a few more goodies
& asked if I would like to do a GIVEAWAY! for all my loyal readers!
I wanted to remind you all that you can STILL click HERE & enter the code
MAVENINTRO to get your first box for one penny!

I got three new Julep products in the mail today :) First was the Julep Reveal.
Everyone is raving about this nail revitalizing growth serum. I got this in my mystery box too,
so I’ve been using it a few days now. I’ll update you guys as more time passes. So far- loving it.

Next was an amazing bubble gum pink called Carrie. I swatched it on my thumb- that is just one thick (or two thinner) coat! I’ve never had such a light pink that took so few passes to get this much color. I can’t wait to rock a whole mani or pedi of this.

I also got an amazing gold color called Sienna. This is another color I got in my mystery box.
I’m super excited to have a spare of this one!

So, on to the fun part! One lucky reader will win their very own Julep Maven Intro Box!
You can choose one of 5 different styled boxes.
Just head over to The Rosy Snail on Facebook and fill out this entry form.
Contest starts at Midnight tonight and ends next Friday at Midnight.

Julep June Mystery Box!

Julep June Mystery Box!

Every once in a while Julep will roll out a great offer they like to call a Mystery Box.
They charge $19.99 for $60-$200 worth of their products.
This is something you can buy in addition to your Julep Maven box
or purchase on it’s own- even if you aren’t a Maven.
They usually announce this deal & others on their Facebook Page so be sure to “like” them to get the latest.

If there is one thing I learned from spying around the web on everyone else’s June Mystery Boxes it’s that you want the white boxes!
They are larger than the standard Julep Maven boxes that come in black
so if you get upgraded to a plain white box- your items were too big to fit ;)

So, Guess who got a white box :)
And I was shaking in my little boots getting it opened!!

The first thing I pulled out was the Pomegranate Body Scrub.
I’ve been in love with sugar scrubs and self tanners lately so this could not have come at a better time.
They stayed true to their Julep morals with several organic ingredients and of course no parabens.
This retails for $18 (4oz) on the Julep website.

My Pomegranate body scrub said to follow up with the Pomegranate Body Creme,which was also included.
Also paraben free, this formula includes some amazing natural oils- Palm oil, Pumpkin seed oil, Mecadamia nut oil & many more.
This Creme also retails for $18 (4oz).

I received another Julep favorite & the product that turned me on to Julep in the first place: The Best Pedi Creme Ever
. And the name does not lie. This is my 3rd tube of this & I was very happy to see this in my box.
You see results fast (1-2 uses) on even the roughest feet.
I’ll have to do a before and after soon! This 2oz tube retains for $22

Next, I got Julep’s Pout Plumping Lip Gloss in the color Arousal. They describe this as a rosy-brown.
I think this is the great nude pink. At first the plumping acting is a bit strong for my liking,
but I would say that only lasts for 10 seconds or so. I could really tell a difference in my pout after about 2 minutes.
The tube was just clear and wrapped in plastic so I wish I knew more about this product.
The only label is the small sticker at the bottom with the color name. This one sales for $18.

I was SO excited to see the Julep Reveal Nail Growth Revitalizing Serum in my box!
I have been wanting to try this most out of any Julep product
I’ve already seen such a huge improvement in my nails since I started using Julep (because it is free of all the harsh chemicals)
so I can only imagine what this will do for my nails! Paraben Free and this one retails for $38

On top of all that (exclamation point!!) I also got 6 polish bottles!

My first color is a (much welcomed) duplicate for me- the color is Alyson
& if you recall, I ordered this during Julep’s 2 for1 Tuesday deal! I’d call this a one-coat-wonder!

Next, I got a color that will look amazing with Alyson, it’s called Sienna.
Silly me, ordered this shortly after my Mystery Box shipped. Glad I love it, because soon I will have two :)

This is a color I’m not sure about. It’s beautiful, but I never use blue unless it fits into a nail art design I’m trying.
This might be a fun pedicure color, we’ll see. This baby blue creme is called Amy.

This color will look good with Amy, this is a somewhat sheer blue shimmer, called Megan.

I was really surprised at how well my nail polishes complimented one another.
I have never seen this before in a mystery box. It was an amazing bonus.
I love to have accent nails on my manicures and I’ve already started hatching plans for these beauties!

Lastly, I received both Julep’s Fast dry Top Coat & Basecoat!

I really made out like a bandit on this one! This was my first Mystery Box
& I knew that I would have been happy with even the smallest boxes that I saw other people getting.
My box had a value of $198! & I only paid $19.99 for it.
You can’t beat that deal. I will definitely be purchasing more Mystery Boxes in the future!