Summer Essentials: Summer Sun & Skin Care

It probably goes without saying that everyone spends more time in the summer out in the sun. It’s warm, fun and there is more daylight for all your summer adventures, but fact is, this sun is not always you’re friend. UV and UVB rays will  age, damage and even mark your skin so taking care of your skin this summer should be a TOP priority! If you’ve not given it much thought yet, don’t worry! We’ve got your covered!

DSCN9781For everyone in your family, Summer Skin care begins with a good SPF. Because your skin is the largest organ in your body, you’ve GOT to treat it with care! Beyond Coastal carries a large range of SPF products for beach bums of all ages and we got the chance to try out a few of them!

DSCN9782For our boys, we checked out the natural Kid’s Sunscreen SPF 30. With water resistance lasting up to 8 minutes, this sunscreen will get us through most trips to the pool or splash pad. One must for kids is broad UVA/UVB protection. We don’t want anything getting through to the most sensitive skin. This is also fragrance free and I do sense a little bit of the SPF but that’s a mild scent. What I loved the most about this sunscreen is that it was easy to rub in/apply and it turned clear much quicker than other natural sunscreens I’ve tried.


We also tried the Active Face Stick! This is an absolute must have for on the go. I love it for my face and tattoos and just to have as a quick backup in case you weren’t planning that trip to the park or if you get to an outing and realize there is no shade to stand in. With the same Broad Spectrum SPF 30, this stick is going to keep you from sun damage just as well! You’ll want to apply this stick more often because it’s water-resistant for only 40 minutes 🙂


Head to toe, I’m a Mario Badescu fan. I bee line for their section in Ulta and I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count the number of people I’ve converted to at least one of their products. Two of my favorites are their Cuticle Cream and their Silver Powder, but I decided to check out some summer favorites for this event!

DSCN9785This Enzyme Cleansing Gel is perfect for ANY time of year, but it’s especially gentle for sun that’s been out in the sun. My brother began using this a few months ago and has gone from pimple faced teen (nothing major, but typical teen acne!) to handsome young man. He’s always been a cutie, but this product has really made all the difference in his complexion! Aside from clearing up acne, this also make quick work of makeup removal and has a gentle exfoliation quality to help remove and prevent buildup that can cause blackheads.

DSCN9786I’ve tried many, many Mario Badescu skin care products and even some hair care, but never body care. That’s why I was excited to check out the Summer shine Body lotion. This lotion is rehydrating, smells great and adds tiny sparkles to your skin! I couldn’t think of anything more perfect for fun in the sun to go along with your sunscreen. While the shimmer sits nicely on top of the skin, the lotion itself  absorbed fairly quickly into my skin and left a soft finish for several hours afterwards.

DSCN9788The Last thing I tried was the Vitamin C Serum. Now, I should tell you I am not a serum girl. Typically, I avoid them because I tend to be oily. That being said, this serum is a game changer! This serum made my skin look bright, refreshed and feel super smooth! Because I’m oily, I only use this in the evening after I wash or exfoliate. I recently learned about Hyaluronic acid which helps your skin retain it’s natural moisture level and was happy to see this serum packed with the stuff. I was skeptical on this acid at first but after using this 3 times a week, I’d say I’m sold on it!

DSCN9792 (2)For quick refreshers throughout the day or at the end of the night, I’ll be using the new Puffs Fresh Faces line. At first, I wasn’t sure how well these would freshen because they are made with natural saline, but I soon found out that this made for a fresh, clean feeling. Plus, the saline is gentle enough to use around the eyes and even on babies. My favorite is the light lavender. It’s calming and super light.

DSCN9792I recently heard of a website with a funny name. ToiletTree. Like Toiletries…but Toilet Trees. It made for a quick giggle, but truth is, I would consider Toilettree Products a great place to stock up on toiletries. They’ve got everything you might need for on the go care and personal maintenance this summer. I had the honor of trying their Personal Skin Care system. This takes the idea of the popular electronic face scrubbing brushes and adds some nice touches making it, in my opinion, a more versatile travel item.


I picked out pink (which is also the color we’ll be giving away). As you can see this is a fairly large, but portable brush. With a price tag under $50, the cost of this dwarfs that of its competitors.

DSCN9796I found this product to be just as effective and powerful as others on the market. One big difference to note is that you do require batteries for this model. I’ve yet to need to change or replace mine so thus far, that hasn’t been any sort of issue for me. An added bonus is that you can use this brush for more than just scrubbing your face. You receive four brushes. From left to right: Body, callous, deep cleaning and regular/sensitive. So, you can cover your face, body and even your feet, all with one handy, affordable tool. This is my new favorite skin care tool.

DSCN9797For soft, smooth skin, I love to get a good deal on products that I know will do their job. Plus, having a company from Texas is never a bad idea 😉 Bodycology is know for having scrumptious scents and for carrying an affordable line. I’m personally a HUGE fan of their Sugar Scrubs. While I’m not one to get too tan in the summer time, I love a good tan in a bottle, but before you apply anything, you’ve GOT to exfoliate. With Bodycology Toasted Vanilla Sugar Scrub, I get to do so easily, affordable and smell amazing for the rest of the day!

DSCN9885Keeping your skin protected from the sun is essential, like I said before, but did you know that adults need different coverage than children? Think about it, our skin isn’t quite as sensitive, we sweat more and we’re (hopefully) more likely to reapply. That’s why this summer, I’m trusting Juice Beauty to keep my skin protected from the harsh UV rays of the sun. Juice Beauty is one of my all time favorite organic/natural brands and they’ve got quite the reputation in the beauty world. So, when they introduced their new SPF 30 Sport Moisturizer, I had to try it. This light weight, great smelling formula absorbs into the skin quickly leaving soft, non greasy skin behind. I’ve tried this on my face, chest and it’s even great to apply as a hand cream- after all, your hands show your age!


Another one of my favorite Organic Brands is Acure. I first tried them a little over a year ago and I fell in love with not only the formula of their products, but the wide range and current, on trend approach to skin care. I feel like Acure really keeps up with what is popular and in demand and as a consumer, that helps me really stay loyal to a brand I already know and trust. For our Summer Essentials Giveaway we’re giving away nearly $100 worth of Acure products. I wish I could name a favorite, but I have to say, each of these really wowed me in their own way!

I tried a new (at least to me) oil called Marula Oil. I love oils for my hair and my cuticles and this oil is one of my favorites I’ve ever tried. It has a pleasant smell and absorbs quickly. My favorite application is certainly my cuticles.

When I’m looking for a brighter, healthier complexion, I grab the Brightening Facial Scrub. This slightly abrasive formula exfoliates and polishes while removing impurities. I’ve recently given up my long time facial scrub in favor of this one.

Mineral sunscreen applies like no other sunscreen I’ve ever tried. It’s light and buttery on the skin. I’m a huge fan of this formula for use on my skin where I’m prone to post-sun break outs or sensitivity.

For my body, I use the exfoliating body wash (that has a nice minty scent) and the Ulta Hydrating Body lotion. Acure literally has me covered from face to feet with organic, good for you products that really work for their intended uses.

With these fabulous brands, I’m looking forward to radiant skin all summer long and even into the new school year and chillier weather! I’m so excited that one very lucky winner will win all of the above goodies and more in our Summer Essentials Giveaway! You can enter HERE and while you’re at it, don’t forget to enter to with $50 in Paypal cash HERE.











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