Summer Essentials- Snack Attack!


Let’s face it, after we gas up and get ready to hit the road, I’m in search of some easy, on-the-go snacks. Not just for the toddlers, but to keep the whole family happy and occupied for the hours ahead! In our Summer Essentials Giveaway (Click HERE to enter if you haven’t already!) we teamed up with some stellar companies to bring you the snacks we’re dying to munch on during our road trip, by the pool and any chance we get this summer!

DSCN9804One of my travel essentials is beef jerky. It’s high in protein, low in carbs and fats and just a great source of energy when I’m driving for several hours at a time. When I’m really looking for a tasty boost, I grab Perky Jerky. Perky Jerky is available in two varieties, Turkey and Beef. I wish I could steer you in the right direction on which to choose but I personally find myself bouncing back and forth between the two mouth-watering flavors. Perky Jerky is all natural, free of preservative and nitrates. The “Perky” part of this Jerky is a little added Guarana (a super berry from the Amazon commonly found in natural energy drinks) this gives you a little pick-me-up and no crash! If you’re excited to win 2 bags Perky Jerky in our Summer Essentials giveaway, head over to their Facebook page and let them know The Rosy Snail sent you to their neck of the woods!

DSCN0021Justin’s Organic products are an absolute staple in our house. From healthy nut butters to ooey, gooey peanut butter cups, there is always something to look forward to from this company. So, when I heard they were adding some new, personal sizes to their lineup, I jumped at the opportunity to share them with you guys!

DSCN0018At our local natural grocery store, we love to grab the 99 cent squeeze packs, but sometimes, we’ve got loose packs all over the place! That’s why it was great to see that now you can buy these 80 calorie packets in packs of 6! It’s so much easier to have a box and you save a little money buying in bulk (which we already did!). You can get any of the Justin’s flavors in a squeeze pack and they’re all super delicious!

DSCN0020Lastly, Justin’s did the unthinkable! They ventured away from the traditional two-cup pack and is now offering their peanut butter cups as singles! Hats of to you Justin’s! This is the perfect size for someone looking for a quick treat…or to cheat on their Nutrisystem 😉 If you’ve never tried a Justin’s Peanut Butter cup, now you have NO excuse, you can grab just one and have your first bite! You’ll never look at the natural brands the same way again! Organic and natural chocolate and peanut butter is the true winning combination! If you’re excited to win a prize pack of these exciting new sizes, be sure and head over to the Justin’s Facebook page and let them know The Rosy Snail sent you!

DSCN9868Office Snax is one of those companies that carries snacks that are perfect for sharing! Whether you’re sharing in the office or traveling and even a sweet treat for house guests. We had the honor of shopping Penny Wise Office Products and trying some of these Walkers Shortbread cookies.

DSCN9869These cookies came wrapped in pairs and ready to eat! My boys love these cookies and I think they taste great too. If you’re excited to win two sharable boxes of these delicious cookies, stop by Penny Wise Facebook page and let them know The Rosy Snail sent you!

DSCN9815 (2)

Sometimes, we just need something crunchy, salty and satisfying! Food Should Taste Good chips have a very special place in my home…well, I should clarify. They’re everywhere! We love FSTG chips and crackers so much that they’ve been credited with causing my husbands chip bag hoarding habit. Why? Because he can’t stick to just one bag of these chips!

DSCN9817 (2)My personal favorite is their Sweet Potato flavored Tortilla chips (which you can also use as a cracker and pair with delicious dips!) I asked this mister to name a favorite, but after a minute of “Um…” I decided we’ll be safe and say, he can’t pick one! There’s not a bad bag in the bunch! These are easy to eat, pair with dips and readily available to grab and go! If you’re excited about winning two bags of Food Should Taste Good Chips, head over to the FSTG Facebook page and let them know The Rosy Snail sent you!

DSCN9979Last, but certainly not least, my favorite yogurt brand, Chobani has a special place in this line up! This summer, I’m planning on keeping busy! With lots of time outdoors and some time at the gym. When I’m looking for a quick breakfast or snack, greek yogurt is an easy, healthy choice. But Chobani is ahead of all the other competitors because it taste better than all the other brands I’ve tried. Plus, they offer a huge variety of flavors there’s something for every taste! We will be trying the new Chobani Champions tubes this Thursday so stay tuned for more information on these taste, kid friendly tubes! If you’re excited about the chance to win TWO CASES of Chobani Campions Tubes, head over to the Chobani Facebook Page and let them know The Rosy Snail sent you

We’re so excited to have amazing fuel to keep us going this summer from this great sponsors! Be sure and enter for your chance to win all these snacks and MUCH MORE by clicking HERE!

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