Stick With It Palette #GiftGuide

The Stick with It Palette is one of my all-time favorite beauty tools. You can do so many things with this handy little palette! Recently, Stick with It got a bit of a makeover and I could not wait to share with you guys! If you have a makeup junkie in your life, this is a must!


Stick With It is a multipurpose palette that is magnet free and contains a sticky, easy to clean, surface that leaves no residue on your products. While I personally love to use Stick With It as a home for my makeup products, you can use this palette for small items of all types including jewelry and craft supplies, even as a painting palette. As far as the beauty industry goes, I’ve used this personally as a home for pans of makeup (the obvious choice), as a “lash box” storing eyelashes (both used and new!), glue and the tools needed to apply lashes, for bobbie pins and small hair tools, I’ve even used one of these as a feather hair extensions installation kit. 


The big makeover of this palette came in the form of a slightly updated, single shade logo and this stunning new shade! (You can view the original palette design in my Valentine’s Day Emergency Kit blog or just search “Stick With It” in the search bar!)


Inside you’ll find the same great proprietary Clingfinity surface. This surface “holds contents without leaving a sticky residue, and it allows you to reposition the contents as often as needed. The case is deep enough (about ½ inch deep inside) to accommodate small makeup brushes, tweezers and other items which typically don’t fit in other cases. When fully opened, it doubles as a staging area to assemble small items. Cleans up is easily with soap and water or rubbing alcohol.”

You can literally stick it, then stick it again and should your medium be a little messy, simply wipe down the surface, let it dry and begin again!  This has literally been one of the most versatile items in my kit for years now!


I’m loving the new color! You can still get the original Stone shade, perfect for something wanting a professional monocrome kit for their makeup or there are some great new colors available! This one is the Sea Glass. There is also a new Limited Edition Shimmer Silver or go completely glam with the “Touch of Class” palette. This one is covered in stunning crystals! You can check out all the colors in the Stick With It Shop!


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