Step 3: Target Areas with #BB5

Hey Guys! I hope you’re having a great weekend! It finally got cool in Central Texas this weekend and I’m so happy!! Is the weather changing for you guys? I feel like Texas is always the last one to get that cool weather rolling in! That being said, cold weather is the perfect time to change up your skincare routine! For Step 3 in my Beauty Box 5 #SavvySkincare box, you want to focus on Target Areas! For me, this means eye creams and serums. IF you’re prone to acne or have chapped lips- you’d also take care of those things during this step!

IMG_4038 (1)

In two of the three box options, you’ll get this Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Eye Treatment. Why? Because this is a stunning multi-taster! Something that you might hear from an esthetician or skin care specialist is the term “cellular turnover”. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve geeked out talking about a product that helps promote healthy cellular turnover.  A quick google search will tell you:

Cell turnover is the process by which our skin produces new skin cells which travel from the lowest layer of the epidermis to the top layer and then shed off the skin. This is what keeps dead cells from building up on the skins surface.

Essentially a product that promotes cellular turnover will help your skin “renew” itself and bring “forward” your new skin that has yet to be exposed to the elements like UV, environmental factors or things you may do to your skin everyday (touching, rubbing, harsh skin products, etc). This is especially helpful around the eye area where the skin is thin and therefor delicate and easy to damage.

All that being said…

IMG_4040 (1)

This product does exactly as promised. I’ve noticed a big improvement in both dark cirlces and the creasing under my eyes. While I’m not prone to puffy under eyes, I do have bags and struggle, like most women, with makeup creasing under my lower lash line. Eye creams and serums are a great way to smooth that area and get a more flawless makeup application. Just be mindful that you’re working on new skin and want to be gentle. Apply products with a bouncing motion (like when using a Beauty Blender) or your weakest finger, the pinkie!

Overall, this eye cream needs a little more use for me before I know, but it’s leaning towards Holy Grail status for sure!

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