Step 2: Tone with #BB5


After my face is fresh and clean from my Eslor Cleanser from my #BB5 SAvvy Skincare box, step #2 is toner! I am the first one to admit that I do not always tone my skin. BUT I’m also the first one to admit that I’m one of the oiliest people on the planet! I would be lying to you if I said those two things were not related. They’re like Jack & Jill. The go hand and hand (and tumble down a hill to their doom!!) If you’re oily or prone to any type of acne- tones are your friend. They are the first thing on your skin after a deep wash and deliver ingredients straight into that clean pore!



In my Savvy Skincare box, I got the Salcura Antiac Spray. You read that right. This bad boy is a spray! With .5% salicylic acid, this is just the right amount of acne fighting to keep even dry skin feeling balanced! It’s all natural and since it’s a spray, it’s easily used on the body as well! Who doesn’t love a product you can use anywhere! (If you say you’ve never gotten “body acne”, I don’t believe you!)

In two weeks, this has seriously cut down on the occasional breakouts but mostly, I’ve noticed a decrease in the redness in my skin (which is likely caused by the same bacteria that causes pimples, I’m just lucky they don’t always form into face demons.) which I’m super thrilled with! Overall, with a $17.99 price tag, this is a steal!


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