Step 1: Cleanse with #BB5

I cannot tell you guys how much I have been loving the #SavvySkincare box by Beauty Box 5! As promised, I wanted to give you my “final thoughts” after having used each product for a while! If you want to see more on what I got in my box (for oily/acne prone skin), you can do so HERE. You can purchase your own in the Beauty Box 5 shop!


Step 1 in any good skin care routine is of course: cleansing. Let’s just put it this way, if you do NOTHING else, please tell me you are washing your face! I won’t call out a certain family member who once confessed to me that he did not wash his face but he loved a toner and wanted me to purchase him some more at Ulta, with my employee discount. I offered to purchase the cleanser as well and essentially blackmailed him with the purchase to make him start washing his face. #NoRegrets.

Anyhow! I discovered Eslor through BB5 and have seen them featured twice. The fun thing about sampling them was we got packet samples (with 1-3 uses in each) of an entire routine. I saved mine for a serious spa day complete with night cream and a nice mask! I fell hard for this brand then and I’ve purchased a few pieces here and there. This cleanser was one of the products on my wish list I had been putting off.


The Eslor  Soothing Refiner & Cleanser actually offers a gentle exfoliation with each wash but I would have never guessed that! This wash is insanely gentle and I would even recommend this to people like my husband who cannot stand that “stripped” feeling. This cleans your skin down to the pore but is gently and even pairs well with my clarisonic for a never-dry-clean.

The directions say to use a quarter size amount which struck me as odd at first, that is a pretty big portion for face wash. I soon found out, you really do need that much to get a good lather and clean. I worry because of this I might go through this bottle quickly, but c’est la vie. This bottle is 2oz and retails for $28, which is a fair price for a high end face wash. (It’s personally cheaper than the bottle I had before and I prefer this one.)

Some of the active ingredients include: Aloe Vera Gel, Sage Leaves Extract, Carrot Extract, Rosemary Extract, and Glycerin. I was surprised to see glycerin considering how gentle this wash is, but that makes it perfect for my skin type! I’m also excited to read up on carrot extract and what that might be doing for my skin.

Overall, I’m gonna give this one a 4.5 ONLY because I think I’ll be repurchasing this more often because of that amount needed (oh, and the fact that the hubby has already discovered it!) If you need more than a few pumps of wash per use (it takes me 4-5 to get a quarter size amount), you should make the product a little bigger. But I love the formula and it’s certainly agreeing with my skin!

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