Starlooks Starbox April! (I think I’m in love!)

DSCN9349Confession time. I was not THRILLED with my box last month. I didn’t hate it. It’s really hard to hate a makeup that is SUCH high quality but I’m a bit of a “color shopper” as we’d call them browsing a retail shop in person in that I tend to get pulled in by pretty colors so in way, last month was a little flat for me. I received my 3rd Orange lippie from Starlooks (they’re wonderful products, I just didn’t need so many similar shades) and I’m not one for blue eye-anything. Was excited about the mascara, but I didn’t jump right in…Anyhow! That all being said, April is my Birthday Month and though my Birthday box is still on the way- I got my “regular box” and have to say “Happy Birthday Month to me!” I love it all! This is likely my favorite box thus far!

DSCN9351We received 4 full size items (though one of them counts as our ever interesting bonus item).

DSCN9352First was the Clear Lash Boost Base Mascara. This goes hand in hand with last month’s Mascara. The brush looks like it has tiny fibers on it and I’m REALLY excited to see what this does for me! I don’t own any lash primers or booster because my lashes are pretty long as is but this is a welcome addition to my kit! This isn’t on their site yet, but our card says it will retail for $15

DSCN9358Here is a look at the fibers on the brush. Fancy, Fancy!


Next, we received Mineralized Powder. I’ve got oily skin and I live in Texas so I can fly through some powder! This one is large and includes a puff. I’m REALLY hoping I love this retails for $19 and that is a pretty good deal for this type of product! With the weather getting warmer, this is a must have! I got Translucent. Some also received Nude.



We also received a Tendergloss. I’ve got a few of these already and there were 3 different colors sent out randomly this month. I received African Sunset and this color is OH MY WORD! So beautiful. I’ll be wearing this so much and I just love it. It’s SO hard to decide what is my favorite this month! Love it all! These retail for $11


Our bonus this month was a Mint lip balm. These are great to have one hand and I love mint so this is a sweet bonus! This is a $5 value.

Overall, this month’s box is stellar. For a $15 box I received $50 worth of product. Plus, these products are all great for anyone’s makeup kit. Especially if you’re trying to start a professional kit on a budget. I’ll have swatches and more information on these products, my bonus this month AND my Birthday box Sunday so stay tuned!

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