Square Hue February 2017

If you’re on my Instagram (and you should be! I love following you guys back!) you probably already saw some of these wonderful swatches, but I wanted to give a little review on these fabulous polishes! If you’re not familiar with Square Hue, it’s a monthly subscription that sends out polishes each month in a themed box. The subscription is $16 for two bottles of polish or $21 for three bottles.

The theme for February was Samba. I received the 3 polish box!

You’ll notice I got these before the pinky nail incident of 2017 so say hello to my long nails. I’m working on growing them back out, but lord knows it’s a process. Here are the bottles from this shipment. Square Hue bottles are nice and sturdy and I love their brush. It’s on the small side, but it’s also long so I think it’s great for narrow nails beds like mine, but if you load it up well on the end, you can also cover a lot of nail at once.

Up first was Marchessi. This was the second thinnest of these three and required 2 generous coats. I love the gold reflex in this polish and I think it would be perfect for Valentine’s Day. This is a super peachy pink that will flatter a lot of skin tones. I think I’ll wear this the most in the Spring time and since I love in Texas, that’s almost right now. (It’s 75 degrees today in Austin, TX!)

Copas is described as a shimmer on the swatch card in this month’s box, but it’s almost a metallic. When I put a top coat on it, it really had a polished metal finish. I think it’s a great hybrid in finishes and it’s not like anything in my collection. I used two thin coats (which I recommend with any shimmer or chrome/metallic, otherwise, you can get weird lines) and it leveled out great.

We received a hola jelly orange polish in January so I was surprised to see another glittery orange in this month’s delivery but I think Volta is really lovely. It was packed full of micro flakies which make fora stunning gold shift. I enjoyed the orange in January though it was hard to work with, but I think this orange is absolutely effortless so I think it made up for anything the last orange polish wasn’t.

Overall, I always love seeing what’s in Square Hue and this box had some amazing statement polishes and since one of my new years resolutions was to not purchase anymore creme polishes (because it’s my safe place and I own too many!) this box fit my personal wish list perfectly!

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