Spray N Splash 2 Inflatable Waterslide by Blast Zone Giveaway!


While looking for something fun for my boys to do this summer, I stumbled upon a company called Blast Zone. Since my boys are little, this single rider inflatable slide, with a $350 price tag seemed perfect. I thought at this price, it’d be worth it EVEN if it only lasted one summer. Let’s face it, renting inflatables is expensive and with so many BBQ’s and get togethers planned, we were looking at a few thousand this summer. I’m happy to report that this slide will be around for a LOT longer than just this summer.

I was truly impressed with the quality and durability of this inflatable water slide. The fabric is thick, put together well and I’d guess it can really take a beating. So far, my toddlers have been pretty gentle, but as they get older, I know I won’t worry about them wearing it down.


Everything you need to operate the slide comes with your purchase. Such as the blower, stakes in case of wind and even a heavy duty tote than you can roll the whole thing into when not in use.
Setting up took at 5 minutes (including attaching the clear hose to the velcro along one side so that water sprays down the slide.) Inflating the slide takes less than 1. Filling up the entire pool area can take a bit longer, but I found that to be perfect because my kids could play for 3-4 hours with water spraying down the slide and I didn’t have to worry about the pool section overflowing into my yard. (Yes, it keeps them happy that long!!)

One concern I originally had was actually the tearing down and putting away of this product. I turned off the blower, opened the “escape valve” tube (which is a short yellow vinyl hose that you tie closed during use, you can untie this to let air escape quickly) and let it shrink down. Then I let the sun dry everything for about an hour. Just to prevent mildew, I dried some areas with a towel before rolling it up. I rolled from one side towards the middle then did the same thing on the other side then folded everything in half- it fit PERFECTLY into the bag. It was a 2 person job (one holding the bag and the other lifting the no deflated slide) but it was a MILLION times easier than I expected! The bottom of the bag is also mesh so if you don’t get all the water, it can drain out! So, essentially, when not in use, it takes up as much room as a tent. I was SO happy about that!


My boys love this slide more than anything right now and even my 2-year-old can climb up the slide with ease. The foot holes are nice and deep so even someone with larger feet can feel secure and the handles are nice and sturdy too. With kids, you’re bound to have accidents and my son has fallen backwards off the top once, BUT there is so much padding at the bottom and around the sides that he ended up giggling himself all the way back up to the top. I found this slide to be much safer than taking my children to a water park full of hard plastic and concrete.

Overall, this slide is a staple at my house now. The neighborhood kids are always knocking on our door asking if we’ll be blowing it up soon and since the blower is not louder than a hair dryer, it makes a great excuse for us Moms to sit outside and soak up the sun πŸ™‚

BlastZone was super generous to offer YOU the chance to win your very own Spray N Splash 2 Inflatable Waterslide!! Enter below for your chance to win!


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  1. Bethany Pittsley says:

    Oh my there are so many awesome things on that site .my kids would loce any or all of them.inflatable toys sure have come a long way.

  2. Amy Perry says:

    I love them all….but would love to get my little girl the Princess Palace Inflatable Combo With Slide !!!

  3. Robin C. says:

    I think the Great White Shark Inflatable Slide is my favorite. My Kids would LOVE this. I don’t think they would come inside all summer.

  4. Danielle says:

    They all look like so much fun but I think the Spray N Splash 2 Inflatable Water Park would be the best for my daughters birthday party in August πŸ™‚

  5. Amy N. says:

    My biggest dream is to open a children’s entertainment center, so I literally love ALL these products! I’d take every one if I could!!

  6. Nicole Newby says:

    Browsing that website made me wish I was a little kid again! I would LOVE to own any of those bounce houses, but if I wasn’t renting a townhouse I would definitely purchase the crocodile isle water park!

  7. Janette Rupple says:

    The Hang Ten wet and dry Bouncer combo looks like it would make for an EPIC party!!!! That has to be my favorite pick πŸ™‚

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