SoleMates, saving lives this Prom Season!

It’s Prom and Wedding Season here in Texas and aside from gorgeous dresses and makeup that will blow your mind, I think of shoes. I had the most amazing shoes for my prom. Bright pink, strappy pointed heels. They hurt my feet in the best way! After hours of dancing, they were killing my feet! I kept them on through that until disaster struck! Post Prom “Breakfast” at Denny’s and my clumsy self steps into a flower bed and nearly bit the dust! At this point, my heels are covered in mud and I take them off. Had this happened earlier in the evening, I imagine I would have been scrubbing the satin heel of my shoe in a bathroom sink. You know, keeping it really classy. Now, I know should I need to bust out my heels for say, an outdoor wedding, I’ve got SoleMates and I’ll never relive this tragedy.IMG_0621

A few weeks ago, I received a great package from SoleMates with 3 of their products. Don’t mind the ripped paper, I tore into this box with excitement! I would absolutely describe myself as a shoe lover and SoleMates has a little bit of everything to care for your shoes and make life easier in fancy shoes.



The SoleMates product I originally heard of, and was in need of was the High Heeler. This handy plastic shoe “attachment”, if you will, keeps your heels above ground. Literally. These widen the base of your heel’s spike ever so slightly preventing or lessening that quick sand feeling that comes up when you suddenly hit soft ground.


These come in a few different sizes; Narrow, Classic & Wide. They are also available in silver, gold, black or clear. I received all three sizes in clear- which I think is the most universal.  These were so easy to put on, just slip on your heel and go! As long as you make sure you use the correct size, they’ll stay on through walking and dancing and they’re nearly impossible to spot! I can’t recommend these enough! The complete collection (set of 3 I received) retails for $27.50 and so far, they fit on all my heels!


From the product line up, I also received two other shoe care items. This shoe shine buffer, called Shoe Buff, is great for keeping your nicest shoes shiny, sleek and looking brand new!


My favorite part of this buffer is how it is all self contained! You open the container and there is a sponge built into the lid already loaded with product. No need for rags or scrubbers and no need for creams or sprays! Just use short, quick strokes to buff your shoes, close the Shoe Buff up and you’re done! The baby is also a steal at only $10!


Lastly, I received the Shoe Freshener. If you’ve been a reader here on The Rosy Snail for a while, or follow me on social media, you might know I just left my retail job. I cannot tell you how many pairs of black shoes I went through in my 2 years working Cosmetics Retail and it wasn’t because I wore them out! Well worn shoes just start to stink!! Especially flats worn without socks and that was my MO. This product is a lifesaver, even though it’s a bit too late for me!


This great spray smells powdery fresh and not only keeps your toes and shoes smelling great, but it kills all the nasty bacteria that creates the foul odors to begin with. To anyone who is on their feet all day, THIS is the product you’ve been praying for!

Overall, you can’t beat SoleMates shoe innovations. They really understand what the modern women needs in order to rock her favorite pair of heels! Be sure and check them out online at!

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