SKINFOOD Favotires

I know, I know. I’m super late to the Korean skincare trend, but hear me out. I didn’t officially make any fun New Year’s resolutions, but the last few years have been…stressful, I guess? I’ve definitely been trying to focus on more self care and I think that self care can mean whatever makes you feel like you’re being your best self. I try to do little things to just relax and recently, that turned into face masks. I’ve had some hits and misses trying new products but these two (affordable) products from SKINFOOD really impressed.

I picked up a few goodies on the same day at Ulta. So, aside from the SKINFOOD products, I grabbed some Tony Moly sheet masks, too.

I think the least favorite thing on my face has got to be my nose. Not for the traditional reasons, but because I tend to get blackheads. A lot. Almost for no reason. I’ve sworn off pore strips so aside from traditional exfoliation and the daily use of a toner, I’ve not been doing anything to keep them at bay. It got ugly.

The Egg White Pore Hot Steam Pack is part mask, part physical exfoliant with just a pinch of subtle, self heating.

Going on, this looks and feels like gritty, but watered down mud. Luckily, it smells fresh and clean. After leaving the product on the skin for 3-5 minutes, you can take your fingers, add a touch of water and work it around in small circles. This eliminated dead skin, sebum and anything else lurking in your pores.

While the heating of the mask is super subtle, the grit of the exfoliator and the warmth do an amazing job of cleaning pore and helping skin from looking dull. Just to put a little but of bounce and hydration back into the skin, I follow up with this Freshmade Coconut Mask. This is the perfect night time mask because it sinks into the skin right away and there’s nothing to time or rinse, just let it absorb into the skin.

I’m dying to hear of any korean skin care you might be loving. These guys retail for only $13 each and are super easy to shop since they’re carried by Ulta.

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