Simply Spoiled: Newman’s Own Organics


This Mother’s Day it should be an absolute NO brainer that your sweet Mother deserves something a little sweet. I know what you;re thinking, she;s already got her sweet kids! But no, seriously! Feed the woman who fed you since birth, but make sure its good. I mean really good.


When I’m craving a sweet treat with sweet origins, I turn to Newman’s Own Organics for some organic goodies sure to please. There aren’t just good for mom, they’re great for everyone. Newman’;s Own Organics are USDA certified Organic and made with the simplest, purest ingredients. We sampled some of their dark chocolate bars (Mama’s favorite!) and their line of Newman-O’s cookies. The proof is in the pudding as these taste amazing.

DSCN0191These delicious cookies might look like another famous brand at first look, but I challenge you to take just one look at the ingredients list and you’ll notice a few things missing…mostly words that look like another language. I can personally pronounce everything in Newman-O’s 🙂

We tried the Original, Mint (our family’s favorite), Vanilla and for the first time, we tried Peanut butter as well! IF you Mother is anything like mine, a sweet treat is sure to put a smile on her face and with these ingredients, she’s sure to notice just how much you care!

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