Simply Spoiled: Dazzle Luxe by VioLight


As a busy Mom, I know first hand it’s not always easy finding time to really take care of yourself. I really enjoy taking time to do the little things that just make me feel fabulous there just aren’t always enough hours in the day. One of the many things that make anyone feel fresh in a good dental cleaning. If you don’t have time to go to the dentist for a cleaning or you’re looking for a great cleaning in between, I’ve finally found the perfect solution!

DSCN0160VioLight recently introduced their Dazzle Luxe at-home Dental Polisher. It’s meant to give you that Dentist clean in the comfort of your own home! Everything you need to tackle the job yourself if packed into this sleek box that includes a slim carrying pouch as well.

DSCN0165The polisher itself runs on AAA batteries and comes in a slightly textured case. I found this made it easy to hold onto while the brush head oscillated to get my teeth clean. I love that it comes with a cap to, so its easy to travel with.

DSCN0161The kit comes with tips that are replaceable (and available for purchase from the VioLight website) and come in two variations. This white one features a well for the polish and is meant to clean/polish the surface of your teeth.


For the gums and around the edges of your teeth, there is a cone-shaped tip that gets into all the little nooks and crannies. I didnt’;t originally think I would use this tip much but it proved to be invaluable;e after my first cleaning. My teeth felt great, but I could feel the gaps of my teeth and the hard to reach areas still needed more cleaning. This tool is perfect.


The polish itself is green, gritty and has a nice minty fresh flavor. Because its green, I wasn’t sure what to expect! I mean, who uses green tooth paste? It turned out to be great and it tastes nice too. I was happy that the mint flavor was on the mild side so that I would really take my time polishing without being overpowered by any flavors.

Overall, the entire system works amazing! My teeth feel just like I went to the dentist to have my teeth clean and I got to leave all that Dentist’s Visit anxiety behind by doing this cleaning by myself 😉

Be sure and check out Violight online to see more of their products and head over to the giveaway page to enter to win your own Dazzle Luxe and much more HERE!






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  1. Oni says:

    Can you tell me: How do you install the batteries? Also, did you have to scrape your teeth first with a dental pick before using the prophy paste? Thanks in advance!

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