Send Me Gluten Free December 2015


Hey guys! I have a fun subscription unboxing for you guys today! I had the honor of checking out what is inside this month’s Send Me Gluten Free box and I was super excited to see a few new gluten-free goodies as well as some that are serious favorites already in our house!

If you aren’t familiar with Send Me Gluten Free, it’s a monthly box full of gluten-free goodies, special offers and coupons and occasionally other health related items. It costs $19.95 a month plus $5 shipping, you can save serious money by signing up for more than one month at a time. You save 4% with a 3 month membership, 12% for 6 months and a whopping 20% if you sign up for a whole year. Right now you can save an additional 20% off ANY subscription with the code HOLIDAY20. That means, you could get your box as low as $11.88 a month (with 1 year subscription).

As you can see, this large box comes rather packed with products! Right on top, you get a little information about the box as well as an envelope containing coupons and special offers from the brands you find inside.


There were a lot of awesome coupons including BOGO on some yummy chocolate bars! Score!


Next, the only non food item in this month’s box was this great neti pot! I’ve had surgery on my eardrum so I’m medically not allowed to use these but my husband swears by these! It’s nice to have a new one from time to time. The only thing I could be picky about is we didn’t receive any solution so you’ll want to go out and purchase that yourself. It’s inexpensive but it would have been nice to get a small packet or two.


I secretly wished that this product was pink BUT despite that, this was so, so delicious. Organic popcorn is not only gluten free but it tastes so pure and fresh. The pink salt made for a light flavor that was hard to put down! I’ll definitely be purchasing this one again!


I also received tow Luna Bar minis. The Lemon Zest happens to be my favorite Luna Bar I’ve ever tried. My boys love the peppermint stick so, everyone’s happy!


With schools cracking down on peanut butter in schools, Sunbutter is a must have for school aged kids and my littles love these little squeeze packs. I try to keep a pack or two on hand at all time when these little boys are always “starving”.


We also received this chocolate hazelnut butter by Justin’s. This one is my favorite so, I’ll be hiding this one for a late night craving.


Smarty Pants gummy vitamins are really fun and perfect for someone who is prone to forgetting to take pills or just doesn’t like to do so. These taste pretty fruity but do have a slight vitamin after taste, nothing too strong.


We also got two cracker varieties. The multi-grain crackers by Crunchmaster and these Lentil Crackers by Mediteranean Snacks. Both of these are in “sea salt” which is my favorite for both of these brands. I’ve had each of theses many times and whenever people tell me they don’t know where to start with gluten-free snacking, I recommend one of these. They’re delicious and perfect for dipping!

A new bar to me is the FLYJOY bar in Peanut Butter & Jelly. This one has chia, quinoa and flax seed and is suppose to be a great source of energy because it contains ancient grains. I haven’t tried this one just yet, but I can’t wait to.


Lastly, we got a super sweet chocolate surprise.

IMG_0146These beautiful chocolates tasted absolutely divine. I was nice and gave a piece to each of my boys who also loved it!

I thought this was a great box and filled with so many tasty treats! Send Me Gluten Free is a great gift idea for someone who has recently decided to try gluten free or to help make it easier for someone who was told to do so by a medical professional. Getting gluten out of your diet may seem like a daunting task, but trust me, it can be super tasty!!

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