Savannah Bee NEW at Target #GiftGuide


As an avid Target shopper, I am so tickled to find something new in the beauty department at my local store. I recently spotted this adorable packaging and wasn’t sure what it was all about. Instantly, the phrase “Queen Bee” popped into my head and I giggled a little. It’s clever, but what’s inside? It wasn’t a week later that I got an email about this new company and this adorable, gift set showed up at my door. So, let’s dive into Savannah Bee together.


Peeling back the paper, I was absolutely thrilled to see the Queen Bee printed on a burlap inspired zipper pouch with the work “Majesty” just below. The zippered bag alone, is great quality and I love the shabby chic vibe of it all.

Like I mentioned, this set can be found in the beauty section, but I quickly learned that Savannah Bee doesn’t just focus on beauty. They actually make artisanal honey, raw honey comb, honey for different occasions,  and more. They even have Organic Honey Roasted Coffee. Yeah, apparently that’s a thing. With 35 year year search for the perfect honey, I imagine the Savannah Honey team has some serious knowledge when it comes to bees and natures candy. I find that expertise often comes with a high price tag, so I was shocked to see not only reasonable pricing on all their items, but darn near cheap prices! That organic coffee? About $1 an oz. It’s organic and roasted in honey, that’s a steal. This 4 piece set is $12.99 at Target PLUS, they are buy one, get one 50% off!


But I digress. Inside the adorable bag, there are 3 travel size products. This is the Tupelo Honey set, but there are 3 different sets to choose from: Tupelo Honey, Lemongrass Spearmint and Blackberry Rose.

The kit comes with a 1.7oz body wash, 1.7oz body lotion and a full size lip balm.


I loved the body wash and lotion and passed the balm onto the husband, after all, he’s the real lip balm expert. He’s gives it a thumbs up. I can never get him to name a favorite though.


Aside from being great, expertly created products, the brand goes on to say that their products are: Sulfate-free, formaldehyde donor-free, triclosan-free, artificial color-free, gluten free, sodium lauryl sulfate-free, Lanolin-free, Talcum-free, Contains Vitamin E, Contains Aloe, Dye-free, Petroleum-free, Alcohol-free, labeled paraben-free, aluminum chlorohydrate-free.

Essentially, packed full of natural bees wax and they left out all the unnecessary gunk. While I applaud. If you want to check out Savannah Bee, all you have to do is make that quick “15 minute” trip to your local Target and get lost in all the aisles, I’m sure you’ll find it 😉

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