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It is OFFICIALLY \\ Fall and I have just one word for that; Amen! Here in Texas it has been a scortcher and while this season change didn’t mark an instant 10 degree drop, it is a beacon of hope for me! I cannot wait for scarves and boots and the leaves to fall! The weather isn’t the only thing about to change. With the new season, brings new trends and a need for some beauty regiment changes! I teamed up with a few fabulous brands to bring you a stunning giveaway! I’m ready to celebrate this #SassySeasonChange with a few Fall Beauty Must Haves!


Up first, for those of us not quite willing to give up all things Summer, are these Pacifica Purify Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes. No matter the season, your skin is always going to need a quick refresher. These gentle wipes are a great ode to summer time to bring into your Fall routine.


The first thing that caught my attention was the colorful packaging that Pacifica is so known for, but then the smell hit me. Coconut lover rejoice these wipes smell absolutely amazing! Reading more about these wipes, I realized these are not only a best seller, but they’re an editors favorite as well. The wipes themselves are natural and biodegradable and are infused with Coconut water, Aloe, Papaya and Calendula. This pack is a full 30 day supply and will only cost you $6!


Even though I showed more leg in the Summer time, I am also a big fan of the faux tan! There are two things that just do NOT go together: that faux summer glow and waxing! Have you tried it? Those waxing strips will take that tan off in a hot minute! (Trust me, I’ve made that mistake!) So, this fall, I’m looking forward to some fun jean and corduroy skirts and having a smooth, hair free experience.


Completely Bare Hypro-Allergenic Wax Strips come pre-made and are super easy to use. You just warm them between your hands, apply in the direction of hair growth and pull off (in one swift motion) in the opposite direction! It’s nearly fool proof and with your legs feeling super smooth, you’ll have more time to plan your Fall wardrobe 😉


No matter the Season, it’s NEVER a good time to ditch your SPF. Like most woman, I tend to get a little dry in the Fall and Winter months so I’m in the market for something with a little more hydration. This Mineral Sunscreen has a hefty dose of SPF 35 but also contains Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Shea butter and pomegranate. This sunscreen is perfect for face and body.

7Lastly, you’ve got to focus on your hair! I personally went full on red recently, but I’m also getting sick of the textured locks I was seeing so much of this summer! I’m ready to use my flat iron the “right” way to smooth it all out! First, I’ll be switching to Sally Hershberger Argan Oil + Keratin for Frizz Free Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner. This duo has done wonderful things for my hair in the last few weeks and has helped keep my red vibrant too! These offer UV and Color protection, smell amazing and won’t break the bank either.

8Once my locks are all clean, I apply blow pro. This product is a game changer! Blow Pro Smooth will cut your dry time but also cut out the hassle of battling fly aways, frizz, and just overall unruley hair. I’d say I spend at least 30% less time styling my hair (whether it’s a textured curl or a straigh, flat look) when I grab this baby. This spray really does take all the work out of achieving a put together look!

It’s never a bad time to change up your beauty routine, but the change in the Seasons always seems like a great marker for me! One lucky reader will get to try ALL these products and win the #SassySeasonChange Giveaway! Enter below to win!
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  1. Diana Devlin says:

    My favorite product for the Fall is Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery Mask – it’s so creamy and hydrating. I use it in the cooler months at night and wake up to glowing skin

  2. Beth W says:

    Great products! My go-to is cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil, which I used as a nighttime moisturizer for my face. It heals that Fall/Winter dry skin very quickly! 🙂

  3. Peggy R says:

    My favorite product for fall is almost any autumnally scented bath product from Philosophy. The only problem I experience is feeling vaguely uncomfortable that I want to lick myself 🙂

  4. LeannaLi says:

    I really love Maybelline’s Color Whispers because they’re a light weight color for my lips but they’re also moisturizing for he dry winter months and easy to carry with you!

  5. Michelle Tucker says:

    I think the Tuscan Blood Orange Spray Perfume would be awesome to have for the fall. I also have to have some great chapstick or my lips are so dry it’s like a desert.

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