Sally Hansen LE Secret Garden Collection

If you’ve ever checked out some nail art on my Instagram, you’ve probably seen me rave about the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel top coat because it creates 2x volume and is stunning for smoothing out the nail whether it be lumpy, uneven nail art or if you have nail ridges or if you’re like me and you just love thicker nail polish. The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel is a 2 step manicure the lasts up to 14 days and provides a gel-line shine and chip-resistant finish without the use of a UV or LED lamp.

Recently, they launched a 6 shade limited edition collection called “Secret Garden” that is available in 2-packs including step 1: the color and step 2: the top coat. I got to try out two of the shades “Ba-Bloom” and “Freesia Your Mind”.


First up, I tried “Ba-Boom”. As you can see this is a stunning orange-coral with gold reflects. I will have to say that in person I believe it leans a touch more pink, but I adjusted my camera to be sure the gold shown through. This took 2-3 thin coats depending on how opaque you prefer your polish. Since my nails are long and I don’t like the white of my nails to show, I did 3. I have personally had issues in the post with bubbles forming in this formula because it does dry quickly and I got air trapped between the layers so I give each coat about 5 minutes to dry and it comes out perfect every time.


Here’s another look at the shimmer.


“Freesia Your Mind” is a one-coat-wonder all the way. This mani is just one layer of the step 1 color and one of the top coat and it’s super opaque and glossy.


This was certainly my favorite of the two, but I’m a creme polish junkie!

  • One of the best things about Sally Hansen products is that they have just about every hue you can imagine and they are so easy to get your hands on! They’re available at CVS, Target and Walmart (among may other mass retail stores!) so pop by and try these out if you get a chance, you won’t regret it!


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