Play! by Sephora January 2017- Cancellation Regrets?

Happy Day everyone! So, as you can see from the title I did, in fact, cancel my Play! by Sephora subscription earlier this month. However, because of the way the days fell, I still ended up paying for and getting the January box. I thought we would dive into this month’s box and discuss any cancellation regrets I may have and at the end, we’ll decide (I might need your help!!).

Here is a quick glance at which of the many variations I received. One thing I have noticed being subscribed for several months that the box went from everyone receiving the same things to there being two options (one for dry skin and one for oily) to a whole slew of different boxes. I thought all the boxes looked pretty good but there was a variation that had a Caudalie product that I already received so that was the only box I would not have wanted to get. I enjoyed sampling that product, but unless it’s a product I just plow through using, I’m not usually pumped on repeat samples. (Except dry shampoo, gimme all you got!)

This bag seriously threw me at first. To me, it screamed the beach.

Complete with this mesh detailing on one side. Then I read the little note about sweat and had this light bulb moment that I don’t work out enough the realize that it’s a fitness/glowing/dewy theme and I’ve clearly never been a gym rat. Giant face palm.

If you aren’t familiar, in every Play! by Sephora, you receive 5 deluxe minis (I believe this is the only subscription that doesn’t give you full size items- ever with the exception of face masks and other one time use items) plus you get a perfume sample every month. I really enjoy that part of this box even though fragrances are hit or miss with everyone, it’s fun to just know you’ll try a new one each month. This one, the new Tory Burch Love Relendlessly is EVERYTHING. I LOVE THIS PERFUME SO MUCH. This is a standard 2ml sample making it worth $2.71 (*based on price of 1.7oz bottle)

Next, I got a little sample of the AmorePactific Color Control Cushion Compact. When I first saw this I was so confused. These colors sound so dark for my skin tone (for reference, I generally the lightest shade in most foundations. In MAC, I cannot purchase from a regular counter, I have to order online through their PRO program to get NW18.) I did go to the Sephora website to check out a little bit more and realized these are the lighter and medium shades with a pink undertone. I have pink undertones but usually use a yellow to cancel out my redness but that made me realize why I would be sent this sample. I did go ahead and open and play with this and though I’m not jumping up and down with joy about using this, I am hungry for more knowledge because of this sample.

I applied this to a small area of hand then my face and I can’t explain why I’m so obsessed with this product. First of all, it smells like a perfume I want to wear, but it’s super shiny and it makes my skin look like I just had a peel. I’m oily so shine is not something I generally welcome into my life. That being said, I want to try more cushion foundations now. I’m hooked.  This is a .1oz sample  worth $5.71 (*but you can only use half the sample, whichever matches your skin. If one does.)

Next, Clinique-one of my hands down favorite brands, made an appearance with this mini of their Black Honey Almost Lipstick.

I’m very familiar with this product (though I don’t own it) and my sample is a serious blunder. This is not the right shade and in the right light, you can see the pigment swirled in the bullet of the lipstick. It’s not mixed and there isn’t enough pigment. That being said, it’s still hydrating but it adds no color to my lips. If I were a first time user and planned to repurchased based on this sample- I’d have a very awkward moment on my hands. This is a .035oz sample worth $8.50

For some much needed skin care I received the Youth to the People Kale + Spinach Green Tea Hyaluronic Acid Age Prevention Moisture Cream. It’s a mouthful but I’ve been dying to try more moisturizers this month and I was pumped for this beauty. I also really appreciate this heavy glass jar it came in! This has almost no smell, feels amazing and is great for all skin types. I really have high hopes for this! Full size is 2oz and I think this is a 1/2oz making it worth $12

For my hair, I received the OUAI haircare Treatment mask. This product has me scratching my head a little because on the Sephora site, it comes in sets of foil packets that are .3oz so I’m wondering if they are moving to new packaging. It has good reviews regardless. This is worth $6.67 (based on the price of 8 .3oz packets)

Lastly, but the product that I was most happy to see- the new Tarte FRXXXTION Stick. This is an exfoliating cleanser (that you can also leave on as a mask) in stick form. It’s a little gritty, a lot of oil control and I’ve really been wanting to try this out! This is a sample value of $4.84 and in looking that up, I was excited to see that the full 1oz size is only $22. I would gladly pay that for a good exfoliator.

On paper, this box had a $40.43 value but I received a complexion product in a color that was not meant for my fair skin and I essentially received a damaged Clinique lipstick. I’ve been on the fence without those issues and I go back and forth with wanting to resubscribe or not. I think maybe I’m a little spoiled with boxes like Beauty Box 5 that frequently throw in big ticket, full size items or even things like tools that you could literally have in your beauty cabinet for years.

Help me decide if you think I should resubscribe to this box or stick with the one’s I’ve already got! I’m subscribed to several, can I let this one go?

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