Phuse- Remove it!

I got an email a few months back about a really neat new company in the “hosting” business. You know the few companies where you can host a party right in your living room and have a fabulous consultant or rep. come and tell you all about what makes their brands and products totally unique! The brand is called Phuse Beauty and they have a wide range of beauty tools, hair products, hair tools and more. Think less lipgloss and eyeshadow and more the tools of the trade. While I often fall for a shade of lipstick or blush, it’s harder to find a quality tool that I will keep for many years to come! I got the change to try out a few products from the Phuse line up and they did not disappoint!


The first product I got to try out is cleverly called “Remove It“. Each Phuse product has a fun name, often describing what the tool does. For example, their tweezers are called “Pluck it” and their eyelash curler is called “Curl It”. I personally think it’s adorable.


Like most “pimple poppers” or if you want to use the professional name, “extractor tools”, this one is dual ended with one side featuring a thin, rounded “bar” like design and the other side with a flatter design which is made to give you more leverage on deeper breakouts. These tools work wonders for getting in and removing stubborn blackheads, zits and even cystic acne. I personally own so many different extractors and I think they are a great tool!


This one is no exception. It’s easy to use and makes quick work of pimples and blackheads. The big difference is this great section in the middle. With my small army of these type tools, I have a wide range of handles. One that is square, one that is round and even one with a small rubber gripper (that quickly began to melt after it met with a nail polish remover in my drawer. Oops.) But none of these are as easy to hold and grip as the Phuse Remove It. This handle is clearly genius! I love that it’s easy to handle, comfortable and since it’s stainless steel, it’s not going to be damaged by anything I throw at it!


Reading through the Phuse site, I realize these little added details are what you can expect from the entire line. They really think through each product and improve on innovations already sweeping the beauty industry! I’m excited to see what’s next for the fun company!

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