Pet Giftbox| July 2016 for Cats + Meet Jelly!

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I want to start this off  by saying I would like to proudly introduce you all to my sweet fur-baby, Jelly. Better known as @JellyTheRescueKitty on Instagram. That’s right, Jelly has been making the rounds via social media. He’s been featured on Morgan Taylor (you know, the awesome polish brand you’ve seen here before) and Beauty Box 5‘s Instagrams, too. It’s safe to say that this little guy has been loving life!

Jelly turned 3-months old just yesterday and in is short 12 weeks of life, he has been a trooper. At just 4 days old, his Mommy abandoned him and his brother (whom we called “Bean”. Get it, Jelly + Bean. I thought I was being clever) who sadly did not make it very long. I was up every 2-hours bottle feeding, manually “pottying” (yes, that’s a thing. Normally, a Mommy cat takes care of A LOT for her litter), making sure they were staying warm, bathing them and honestly, getting no sleep. I knew nothing about bottle feeding kittens and I learned all I could literally overnight. It all ended up being worth it because Jelly is the sweetest cat I’ve ever met. He’s laid back, great with all the members of the family and the most perfect work buddy I could ask for.


As luck would have it, Jelly’s story doesn’t stop there. Just one week ago, I took Jelly in to see his vet for a checkup and thinking he might have a bit of a cold. The vet quickly ruled out a cold, URI or any other infection but gave us news we weren’t expecting. Jelly was diagnosed with a grade 5 congenital heart murmur. The vet was shocked that they had not heard it sooner and repeated several times how loud and “severe” the murmur was. He went on to tell us that there didn’t appear to be a blockage in his heart, rather his heart was not properly oxygenating him blood and therefor he was breathing heavily to compensate. I feel like I never noticed how heavy and quickly Jelly breathes before we got the diagnosis, but I do now.

The vet went on to advise against vaccinating or neutering Jelly (who was already late on starting vaccines due to his small size.) because of both the risk but also because Jelly was unlikely to live much longer. We aren’t giving up on our kitty. If anything, I spend more time (and money) with this little fluff ball and he is one word; SPOILED. Medically, we haven’t decided what’s next for Jelly because, honestly, specialists, especially for the heart, get really expensive. For now, Jelly has a few reviews for you guys and I hope you love them!

Just one tiny way that Jelly is completely and utterly spoiled is when his PetGiftBox arrives in the mail! This month, he got to check out the “Gone Fishing” theme and it was really the cat’s meow! PetGiftBox is a monthly subscription box that is $28.99 a month plus free shipping BUT there are easy ways to save!

Screenshot 2016-07-05 at 5.43.42 PM

You can get your box as cheap as just $18.99 a month by committing to a 12 month subscription (that saves you 34%) AND unlike some other subscriptions that offer this savings, you don’t have to pay upfront, but just cannot cancel during that 12 months. While I didn’t find a specific value promised for each box, I will say  I was shocked to see just how expensive cat toys can be! I’m 100% sure you get more than the price in product, but I’ll break down this box and let you know what these cost should you buy them alone!

*You can also use Jelly’s code “JellyTheRescueKitty” to get your first box for $14.49*


The first toy that Jelly was all about was this adorable little orange fishie!


It has a long tail and if you squeeze the head, there is a tube that air runs through and the tail, complete with this orange feature fluff, moves up and down inciting kitties to go crazy! This toy is by CharmingPet and it’s called SnapCat. These are $6.99 and are seriously one of Jelly’s favorite toys these days. He drags him everywhere!


Next, Jelly took out some aggression on the tag of the biggest toy in the box!


The Petstages Crunch & Wrestle Fish is the perfect toy for Jelly to wrap his body around and really get goofy! He loves all the noises it makes and once I took the packaging off, he was all about this one!  This toy retails for $9.99


Further proving that I never know what will catch this silly cat’s attention, he LOVED the whiskers on this SmartyCat Tackle Fish! This catnip cat toy is also a great size and I really love the quality of his whiskers because I don’t think Jelly will be able to tear them up easily. This guy costs $6.99


We also got the Amigo Cat Toy called Catch of the Day. I wasn’t able to find this one online and tell you what it costs, but I’ve seen similar toys in the $5-6 range if I had to guess. Jelly hasn’t played with this one yet, but expect it all over my Instagram whenever he gets around to it!

Lastly, we receiving some shrimp treats by Loving Pets but I cannot for the life of me find the bag! I honestly, think Jelly might have run off with them while I was out of town last weekend! He has shown little interest in most treats I’ve gotten him thus far, but about sniffed this bag to death! These retail for just $3.99 so they’re inexpensive if he does love them!

Our box was packed with $33.96 worth of Jelly Approved toys and treats! So, whether you paid the “full price” for a box or got a steal by signing up for multiple months, you really do get your money’s worth! If you’re interested in joining in on the fun for your cat OR DOG! You can use Jelly’s code at the top of this post to get your first PetGiftBox super cheap!


*Boop* We’re all worn out.




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