PediPed FLEX


As my boys get bigger, I’m realizing that there are some things that are more important than they were when they were little. Parker has always been a fan of getting new shoes but now that he’s an active 5-year-old, it’s more important than ever to put him in the right shoes. We recently had the chance to try a pair of shoes from PediPed and let’s just say, they’re a hit!


PediPed does more than make stylish looking shoes. They believe in comfort, quality and style (in the order) and each shoes is engineered to promote healthy foot development. Their award-winning shoes come in over 130 styles from newborn to size 4.5 youth. While your child is growing, the last thing you’d want is ill fitting, non-supportive shoes. I want the best for my kids and I think we’ve found it in PediPed. They sent Parker a pair from their FLEX line, for sizes 6-13.5 (toddler sizes)


Parker received the Flex Jake in Navy. Not only do these shoes look cool, but they have some great features! These shoes are made of leather and feature a breathable leather lining and a flexible rubber sole. For Parker, these are his “nice” shoes. We won’t go running in puddles in these beauties! The faux laces give these a “big boy” feel, but my little guy can easily put these on by himself with the velcro closure. Parker was due to size up after wearing a size 12 shoe for some time and the size 29 (12.5-13 in US sizing) fit him great with a little room to grow!



Speaking of room to grow, each pair of PediPed’s come with a thin  2mm Memory Foam Technology insert. This adds 2mm to the inside of the shoe, insuring a snug fit and also adding a bit more support to the foot. When your child’s foot grows bigger, you can remove the insert. I like this idea for a more custom fit to your child’s foot.


Parker gave these shoes a HUGE thumbs up! He likes the way they fit and he says they make him “super fast”. If you want to check out PediPed for yourself feel free to browse their website HERE. You can also interact with them on Facebook & Instagram!



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