OPI Infinite Shine Summer 2016 Collection | Nudes


It is officially summer time and the sun is out and the bright neons are everywhere! From swimwear to jewelry and polish to lipsticks bold color is the word. Here to bring everyone a breath of fresh air, OPI released a new collective from their Infinite Shine lineup for this season featuring 6 perfect nudes. So buckle up and prepare yourself for nude overload. If you aren’t familiar with the Infinite Shine formula, these polishes are a 3-step system (base/primer, color and top coat) that offers an HD gel look without the lamp or the hassle of removing gels. I’ve always thought that OPI’s “regular” polish lasted the longest on my nails, but I really do notice a difference with the Infinite Shine formula! The ONLY negative that I’ve ever found is that I think the top coat takes too long to dry. I’m used to fast dry top coats and this one is certainly NOT formulated to be quick! All that being said, let’s get into these shades!


Aside from some great swatches, I wanted to give you all a true side by side of this collection. As you can see from the above photo, they can tend to look a little similar in the bottle. I found this to be especially true in normal indoor lighting. I would swatch them on my hands and if I forgot the order, I would sometimes guess wrong. This collection doesn’t have a catchy name, it’s just the Infinity Shine Summer 2016 Collection, but I noticed a “can’t stop, won’t stop” theme going on with the names and I adore it!




Hurry Up & Wait: I feel like this one looks the best on my skin tone but out of the 6, I would only say one looks “bad” with my skin tone. I’m pretty fair (I’m an NW13 in MAC. I’m so pale that most brands of foundation don’t work for me, but I’m working on that summer tan these days).



No Strings Attached: This one isn’t the lightest shade BUT it seems to be the most “white” as the true lightest shade in the bunch has a pinky/peach undertone.



Can’t Stop Myself: This shade has the most orange/yellow in it and I imagine it would look so stunning with olive or deeper skin tones. On me, it readers a little pastel, but I don’t hate it.




No Stopping Zone: We come to the one shade that I just don’t love on me. This one reads the most brown and is clearly a touch too dark for me.



Staying Neutral on This One: This color is the lightest and has just a touch of pink to it. (If it’s a little hard to tell here, refer back to the color swatch wheel) and it’s a little more contrasting against my skin, but I do love this one!



Don’t Ever Stop!: I also love this one on my skin tone 🙂

The formula on these is wonderful. For most of the shades, I got away with just two coats. Since these are light colors, I found that letting the first coat dry completely helped with any streaks you’d normally get with shades that are pastel/nude anyhow. Like I mentioned before, the top coat in this line can be a bit of a waiting game, but the 3-step system really lasts the longest when you use the intended base and top coats. I found these to all be self leveling and pigmented.

You can find these online or at retailers like Sally’s Beauty Supply or Ulta (where you can use coupons and get points!)


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