OPI Fall|Winter 2015 Venice Collection #OPIVenice


Okay, guys! Fall is almost here and I’m so, so incredibly excited for the fall palette this year. From nail varnishes to handbags, I’m seeing a fun mix of muted tones and metalics and the occasional pop of pastel! I’m over the moon and the new OPI Venice Collection is a stunning culmination of what’s trending in the world of both fashion and cosmetics! I had the extreme honor of trying out their new collection over the past few weeks and short of squealing like a little school girl, I’m  in love.


If you saw my last post on this collection, there are 12 shades that are to be added to the core collection along with 3 Limited Edition winter shades. You can see swatches and reviews on those HERE.  The other 12 are a fun mix for Fall!


The first color that jumped out at me from the entire collect is “A Great Opera-tunity” this soft, lush coral hue is a real eye catcher and unlike anything else I own. It’s a true creme and perfect to pair with soft, deep fall shades. This polish needed only two thin coats for full, true to bottle coverage.


A darker orange counter part to the color above, “It’s a Piazza Cake” is another shade unlike anything else in my collection. In the right lighting, this reads brown to some people. I can’t wait to incorporate this into nail art for the season, again, this needed only two thin coats.


One of only two shimmers/metallics in this line up came in the form of “Worth a Pretty Penne”. Despite the name this is not quite a “penny” copper shade, but certainly leans a little on the copper side from a champaign base. Again, unlilke anything else in my collection. I really enjoy this as a stamping shade as well! Two coats for true-to-bottle coverage.

Tiramisifor two

One of my favorites was “Tiramisu for Two”. This nude shade is just striking and has just the perfect amount of brown undertones. I found this polish to be extremely pigmented for a pastel.


“Amore at The Grand Canal” is a stunning blue-red creme. While there are many reds on the market, I was very happy with the coverage and this certainly has its place in the collection for those looking for a more classic look. OPI truly knows red polish.


If you’re bored of classic reds and looking for a bit of pizzaz, I would recommend “Gimme a Lido Kiss” for a touch of gleam. This is the second shimmer/metallic in the collection and it’s a stunner. This polish self levels great and offers great coverage.

PicMonkey Collage

“Be there in a Prosecco” is just slightly more light and beige toned than “Tiramisu for Two” and because of this, it contrasts again my skin tone just slightly more. This makes for a stunning base for a fall floral design or for stamping. I really loved how pigmented all the pastels in this collection were.


This super light grey is so fun! This has an amazing beige-blue undertone that I can’t get enough of.  “I Cannoli wear OPI” is a really fun addition to my collection and unlike anything else I’ve picked up in the past. Full coverage in only 2 thin coats.


Another color my eye was instantly drawn to is “Gelato on my mind” this pale blue is lovely and super pigmented. Again, this polish self leveled and made for a streak free pastel in only two coats!


The last light shade is “Purple Palazzo Pants” and this is a great medium-light purple. I love the rose undertone of this creme polish.


The last two shades added some deepth to this collection with rich dark shades. “O Suzi Mio” is a stunning deep purple. I love that this is not a raspberry, it’s not a cherry it is a true purple and I absolutely love that for fall! This polish needed just one coat and it was good to go!

mygondolaoryoursLastly,  “My Gondola or yours” is a blast with a fun twist. As you can see from the bottle, there is a tiny chrome sheen to this black that is hard to photograph but in person adds an extra depth to an otherwise flat color. I liked this variation of black and see myself using this a lot!

Overall, this collection is a wonderful mix. I’m a sucker for creme polishes, but the shimmers in this collection wow’d as well. The pastels in this collection were so amazingly done and never streaky. I loved how well balanced this collection is and there is a treasure trove of nail art inspiration throughout!


You can pick up this stunning collection at retailers like Ulta and Sally Beauty Supply as well as online at OPI.com

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