Oh, Deer. A “Bambi” guide for Halloween.

This year, I haven’t added too much to my Halloween makeup collection, but I will be posting updates to anything new that I do add to my SFX (Special Effects) kit. If you would like to see what I’m working with right now, check out my two hauls from last year HERE & HERE. Aside from these things, I often use regular makeup. When it comes to Halloween makeup, I absolutely avoid cheap Halloween Store products and instead opt for brands that specialize in SFX or plain, everyday makeup. If you have any questions on that, let me know!



This Dear or “Bambi” look is so simple and it’s one I like to do for Fall Festivals or Trick-or-treating. The best thing about this is generally, you don’t need to buy anything extra. You should have everything you need in your makeup bag or you can find these things cheap at the drug store!


For this look, you will need:

Foundation (or go bare faced)
Bronzer (matte)
Black liquid liner/Black Face Paint
White pencil liner/ White Face Paint
Brown pencil liner/Brown Face Paint
Liquid Lipstick *any color
Contour Powder
Hair Accessories

Essentially, you can start off your makeup as your normally would with foundation and powder. Feel free to add your usual blush, contour and highlight if you like! From there, ever bronze the entire perimeter of your face. Go ham! Try to keep in the shape of the letter 3, circling around the eye and cutting the cheek to add depth to the apples of your cheeks.

For the nose, you’re going to draw a black tip and extend it up. To nearly meet that, you’ll want to continue your brows well past where they stop. Also overdraw the contour on your nose! With that black nose, draw a line to the top lip and fill that in black. You’ll fill the bottom lip with a nude, pink or even more bold color lip of your choice! For this, I highly recommend using liquid liner and liquid lipstick. The idea is that these two both dry down and are less likely to smudge into one another. I did intentionally smudge some black onto my bottom lip.


You’ll add white dots to your face and as for your eyes- those are completely up to you. I did a super simply glamour eye look on this one and drew white under my natural lash line to create a lower lash line so my eyes look bigger. I’ve seen so many great takes on this look and it’s honestly hard to go wrong!!

Aside from the makeup, I usually put my hair up in twin pony tails in some way and wear a big sweater! You can add a head band or even antlers from the Halloween shop!

Have fun with it!



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