Nutrisystem Week 4!

imagesAfter finishing a full month of Nutrisystem, I’m still raving out it! It’s the easiest thing I’ve ever done! My results so far are fantastic and I truly believe this weight loss is something I couldn’t have done on my own and I give full credit to Nutrisystem. I feel like a silly infomercial when I approach friends and family with my opinion on the program. “It works! You HAVE to try it!” It’s changed so much about the way I think about food and the way I live. All that in only a month.

DSCN9806So far, I have lost a whopping 14.9lbs. That brings my BMI from 36.2 down to 33.6. I’m still not in the healthy range yet, but I’m getting there! This also brings me to 189.7lbs which is the lowest my weight have been since I had my youngest who is now 2 years old. It is excellent progress 🙂 To celebrate every 10lbs you lose, Nutrisystem will send you a Nutribear. This might seem like something small but this cute little bear (which is made surprisingly well, this Beanie Baby/TY quality! Super sturdy.) is something that I earned and I’m really proud to have it. My boys are really interested in it so I’ll have to decide if I’ll keep it or let my boys have this “stuffy”.

A few things I learned this week would have to be that I get bored. I opted for the “favorites” package my first month and I’m happy that this month coming up, I decided to customize. I was so bored with the foods I didn’t select and this month, I’m really to come back swinging knowing that I got extras of my DELICIOUS Coconut Almond Bar and my burgers! Yum! I love to load my burgers up with spinach too! Mouth watering good! I highly recommend customizing your plan. It’s going to be so much easier to stick to it knowing there are foods I love in my kitchen.

Because of this boredom, I cheated more this week than I’d like to admit, but that also caused me to see something I’m so happy with! After a BBQ where I had wine and hot dogs and then a separate time where I ate some Nachos (I know, it’s bad but I’m human!) I realized that after a day I bounced back to the weight I was before. Why? Because I’m loosing weight in a healthy way and it’s going to stay off! I am not motivated to cheat more because of this, but I’m happy to see that I’m no longer jumping around the scale but really keeping off the weight!

I can’t wait to dive into my next month with Nutrisystem! If you’re ready to become a healthier you, you can join Nutrisystem by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting

*My Nutrisystem monthly plan and all components were provided to me free of charge in exchange for honest reviews and for sharing my journey. All opinions (and results!) are my own.

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